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We always insisted quality for this, integrity is root, meticulous, brand first of running concept, insisted to students for core, to hundreds of name teaching experience rich of teachers team for heritage, according to personalized counselling system of management standard, aptitude, award to science effective of learning method, training benefit lifetime of good habits, created students willing to learning, at learning, courage to bear, constantly innovation of capacity, groping and summary out set effective, and time short, and worked fast of teaching management mode, Each year, a large number of students achieved excellent results in the entrance examination into the high school and the prestigious national.
Since its inception, to give students an endless stream, where a legendary experience. Integrity life, quality based, feature development, branding in the new code, a tutor who is willing to work with you, hope you are determined to become, bound to choose Tianjin new code tutor management consulting co., Ltd.