2012 recruiting Internet Engineering, Tianjin Polytechnic University students

The Internet of things is the second computer, Internet and mobile communication then another revolutionary development of the information industry, has been officially declared a national focus on the development of one of the emerging industries of strategic importance. Recently, Internet Engineering, Tianjin Polytechnic University approved by the Ministry of education, will be officially opened this year.

according to reports, the Binhai New area in Tianjin has formed the "Internet of things" industrial chain together, will in the future at the airport economic zone, development zone, high-tech zone, the establishment of Internet research demonstration area, as well as in manufacturing, energy, urban management, the monitoring of bus transport, work safety, environmental protection, logistics and transport, electricity, water, gas, heating and other services to develop networking technologies. At present, the city's only available at the Tianjin university colleges professional to meet the urgent need for regional economic development. According to estimates of the relevant departments, only professional networking system designers in the coming years, demand in China will reach 50,000 people. This means that IOT industry competition is ultimately the talent competition.

approval of Internet Engineering, Tianjin Polytechnic University located in computer science and software engineering, four-year graduates awarded Bachelor's degree beginning in 2012 students nationwide. The professional aimed at training de, and wisdom, and body, and beauty full development, has solid of professional theory based, master real networking expertise, has communications network technology, and sensor and the sensing network technology, and software middleware development technology, field broad of expertise, can in real networking related enterprise, and industry, from things networking of communications schema, and network agreement and standard, and perception equipment, and information security, design, and development, and management and maintenance of senior engineering technicians. Setting this professional in Tianjin, Tianjin Polytechnic University establishment and improvement of covering the entire Internet industry chain the different levels of personnel security objective is important, but will also contribute greatly to IOT industry healthy, rapid and sustainable development.

in addition, the school applied for the creation of composite materials and engineering (professional code: 080206W), bio-medical engineering (professional code: 080607) and exhibition economy and management (professional code: 110311S) three undergraduate programs approved by the Ministry of education and Tianjin Municipal University approved most of the University. This is the school for many years and always adhere to the social demand as the direction, closely around the country and the important development strategy of Tianjin, to help push development and opening of Binhai, and research through giving full play to their advantages in undergraduate course specialized construction outstanding achievements and personnel training. To date, Tianjin University of technology with 53 undergraduate majors, directory of professional 44, outside professional 4, introductory professional 2, a small number of universities outside professional pilot directory 3; covering engineering, science, literature, management, economics, law and other 6 disciplines, 21 second-level disciplines, forming a fairly comprehensive system of undergraduate disciplines.