2012 Tianjin rose early and comprehensively promote entrance

2012 junior high school enrollment will comprehensively promote the entrance of Tianjin, quality high school junior Department to prohibit the holding of district-wide selection of admissions tests, taking indicators directed assignments, students multiple assessment methods recommended to further promote equality of education and reduce the study burden on students.

according to the Tianjin Municipal Education Commission has issued the 2012 enrollment guidance for junior high school in Tianjin, middle school enrollment in principle in mid-June of this year. Without approval of the Municipal Education Commission, early enrollment in any school shall not be cross-district enrolment.

according to this opinion, the city's districts and counties to firmly and effectively promote the junior high school examination to local schools, according to the regional economic and social development and the actual existing educational resources, rational school layout, scientific adjusting school district, optimize the allocation of resources, and strive to provide students with equitable, optimal and educational conditions of the basic balance, arranging the enrollment of primary school graduates went to public schools.