Chinese universities with "international standards" dialog

"Our school is located in Hangzhou, and Beijing's distant, but this does not affect our students abroad. "China jiliang University electrical engineering Dean, Li said.

coincidentally, as far West as Ningxia University has international ambitions, recently by the school, and North China electric power University, China jiliang University became United Kingdom Institute of engineering technology (IET) of the "partners in education".

internationalization is no longer top universities like Peking University and Tsinghua University to promote, but also all the universities in the common pursuit of globalization today.

International Conference, send graduate and undergraduate study abroad, school teacher training abroad, jointly with the foreign university students cooperative education, employed part-time or full-time foreign Professor, cooperation with foreign universities or even set up a joint laboratory for scientific research ... ... Internationalization of China's colleges and universities and more obvious trend, and internationalization, Chinese colleges and universities and how to deal with "international standards" dialog?

education can have "international standards"?

with the international standards, is China's all walks of life in the path of internationalization in recent years around a part. However, when it comes to international standards relating to education, seems to be a hard and difficult thing.

However, at the international level, some a matter of education "international standards" but in continuous exploration and practice, particularly in the field of engineering education, having a general objective criteria and there is a very good attempt. For example, IET, was founded more than 140 years of Europe's largest, the world's second-largest professional and Technical Institute in engineering education certification and accreditation for the last hundreds of years of history, and the formation of a sound system of standards.

"in the United Kingdom there are many colleges and universities through the IET education certification, the procedure is the IET's certified experts in College on a course or professional certification, they listen, check your homework, papers, check the syllabus and so on, this review has a comprehensive system. If certified, IET every 3 years or 5 years back, auditing, certification, curriculum and designed in line with international standards. "Said yanyong, North China electric power University School of control and computer engineering professor, he is also United Kingdom, Professor at the University of Kent, in the United Kingdom where the College has recently been certified by IET. According to the IET business development manager Zhao Lulu introduction, not only in the United Kingdom, IET course certification and education certification in many countries around the world are engaged.

so University curriculum of international standard certification requirements? In this regard, the Tsinghua University, Department of electrical engineering and applied electronics technology, Professor Zhao Zhengming, Deputy Director of State Key Laboratory of power systems answer was in the affirmative. He said: "we have now realized that are some of our courses and materials, greatly lagging behind international standards, influence the cultivation of international talent. We have to reform. ”

colleges and universities in the world why the pursuit of "international standards"

colleges and universities in the world why the pursuit of "international standards"? Is, of course, in order to demonstrate their teaching levels. But this is not the only objective.

"in foreign countries, an engineering graduates to enter the field of engineering, must obtain a certification Professional Institute can have the qualifications. The IET International Engineer certification means very good employment prospects, such as two staff members working in the Hong Kong subway, if he'd IET International engineer certificate, his starting salary might be 42,000 yuan, not 18,000 yuan, not to mention the future development. "Zhao Lulu said.

at present, the international common practice was to engineer certification and college courses linked to certification and accreditation. "If you're one of institutions was certified IET courses and certification in education, then when you apply to the IET in the future international Engineer certification, accreditation of your education part is exam passed. "Zhao Lulu said. Obviously, many universities around the world scramble to through the IET or other internationally recognized professional association of education certification, prove the school's teaching on the one hand, on the other hand is also an opportunity to its students, enhance the level of students. These two aspects, will undoubtedly attract better students of the school, school teaching, and guarantees the quality of talents with international standards, the school also took to the people-oriented and quality-oriented path of development.  

China how to dialogue "international standards"

our curriculum standards in universities is the exploration, China jiliang University, "we are involved in some of the Ministry of education professional certification, our school has a number of education projects at the national level, such as national fine-designed courses, country-specific professional and national experimental teaching demonstration Center and more. "Li said.

the 80 's of the last century started in some provinces and municipalities in China's higher education level, professional, curriculum assessment pilot project, is an exploration of the standard curriculum and teaching in colleges and universities and University evaluation in 2003, "five-year round of" College teaching level evaluation system thus set up an efficient and long-lasting and control mechanism of teaching quality guarantee system in colleges and universities.

it can be said that these exploration and practice to ensure and improve the quality of higher education in China is playing an important role. However, the pace of globalization so urgently, an international market has become even more urgent, "We also hope to have accreditation at the international level, such as IET it is authoritative engineering education accreditation. "Li said.

education of human nature when faced with international standards could not be as easily as industrial products on international standards, however, ignores international standards cannot, in the final analysis, whether it is China or Chinese students, want to integrate into the international arena, play a role in the international arena. China, then, how the University and "international standards" dialog?

at this stage, you can try the international standards in the field of engineering education accreditation, is an opinion. "Science and technology are no boundaries, we could start with certification in the field of engineering education attempt to introduce international standards, as are some common standards in the field of engineering, such as a light bulb where do should be to achieve a standard request. "Health experts the State Bureau of foreign experts UNESCO Deputy Director, Department of aging, North said.

Meanwhile, there is a view, China's future prospects in this regard are to set up their own standards, further dialogue with the international standards. Ncepu President Liu Jizhen said: "I think the prospects for China's future, the first reference to the international standards, establishing China's own education and engineer professional qualification standards and by international conventions and the collaboration of all Nations, achieve mutual recognition. But before the national integrity policies, international cooperation is still very useful to explore. ”