Nankai University admission test: writing reviews "Ocean day"

On January 15, 2012 admission of Nankai University, independent entrance examination written examination 8 Test Center in the country at the same time, a total of more than 3,600 people. 5:30 yesterday, which lasted a whole day of independent recruitment exams, who walked out of the room one after another this year South big exam is not difficult, the problem is small, but extracurricular knowledge covered a wide range of student answers easier.

it is understood that the composition is in the language subjects this year "nowadays some young people keen on Christmas and ignore the Spring Festival, but others have proposed boycotts overseas festivals", let the students talk about their views on this phenomenon. English composition is to allow candidates to write a vocational student body President speech. Students mostly look easy, independent recruitment problem, "got" very little.

this year, the Union of Beijing University and Tsinghua University Union, League of excellence will be independent recruitment written test and interview after the Spring Festival, and this year's "solo" South Festival before the written exam, many students and parents said, to "catch" students relieve the pressure. Chen Heng烜 from Shandong Qufu Normal University high school affiliated to this year total nearly ten universities independent enrollment. In addition to the Nankai, these schools are located in three different Coalition, League of Peking University and Tsinghua University Union time crash, Chen Heng烜 also had to give up some of its schools.

in addition to extensive like Chen Heng烜 "gun" candidates who took the exam yesterday also has plenty of candidates to apply for a school in Nankai University. Peng Zhiyuan from Liaoning Benxi high school will give up the opportunity to commend School of Tsinghua University, Nankai University to check the history major.

also, Nankai University independent recruitment open cover places this year reflects the education fair, also from County did not recommend places to Nankai middle school students have the opportunity to actively try to. Hebei Anping high school performance of rural students Heroes is not top-notch, but excellent physical results, won the national competition of the position, which was passed by his Nankai cover out.

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