Nankai University to set up a "green consumption, Tianjin education research base"

On March 11, aims to develop green, safe, and sustainable patterns of consumption of residents "green consumption, Tianjin education research base" in Nankai University was established.  

green consumer is the consumer of green product needs, purchasing and consumption activities, is an eco-conscious, high-level rational consumer behavior. Green consumption to meet ecological needs, based on the healthy, ecological and environmental connotations, in line with the human health and environmental protection standards of consumer behaviour and consumption patterns. Green means safe, cover all aspects of production, circulation, consumption. According to experts, the current national awareness of green consumption, there is not in place, lack of management mechanism, corporate responsibility is not strong, and many other issues. "The Tianjin education research of green consumption base" in view of these facts, from all walks of life with the concerted efforts of the whole society, including Governments, producers, suppliers, retailers and consumers to work together to achieve green consumption.  

according to understand, "Tianjin green consumption education research base" will focus carried out following several aspects work: a is improve universal green consumption concept, guide consumers set green consumption views; II is vigorously development green industry, guide enterprise using science and technology and scientific management, efforts for general consumers provides rich affordable of green products; three is active carried out research practice and proposed recommends, through consumption education, and publicity Advisory, variety way, active advance Tianjin green consumption practice.  

Yang qingshan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Nankai University said that adhering to the "acceptable fair with each passing day" motto, Nankai University has always paid attention to combination of production, study and research, emphasis on transforming scientific and technological achievements in colleges and universities, and strive for sound and fast economic and social development in Tianjin provides personnel and science and technology support. Green consumer base for the promotion of education and research in Tianjin Tianjin green consumption of urban residents in China is of great significance, Nankai University will give full play to advantage of talent and discipline, as a base to provide technical support and service, seek the green consumer base into the country to promote research, education, consulting and service model.