School-enterprise cooperation: Shuang, Tianjin University establish a business base

On March 9, the "Tianjin University Shuang gang youth entrepreneurship base signing ceremony of cooperation framework" held at Tianjin University. Tianjin University and Tianjin shuanggang industrial park of science and technology will further advance the Tianjin University with Shuang complement each other and share resources, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and promote economic development, establish common training system, creating the depth of cooperation of school and enterprise.  

under the agreement, the two sides jointly established in jinnan district "Tianjin University Shuang gang youth entrepreneurship base." Shuang, jinnan District Office buildings provide a base, we will set up the "Tianjin University Shuang gang youth entrepreneurship Fund", funded by the town of 3 million Yuan, starting in 2012 and 3 years of continuous input, donated 1 million RMB per year. Both sides rely on venture fund financial support for students to practice, through entrepreneurial support base to provide students practice venues, and provides full, meticulous practice services.  

business base will provide young entrepreneurs with start-up carrier, preferential policies for funding support, career guidance, a series of services, guiding and supporting entrepreneurial team out of a road for development of entrepreneurship, for young entrepreneurs is a good environment for the growth and development platform. Meanwhile, the two sides will also jointly develop the College of haihe River education Park, attraction of enterprises eligible for settled business base.  

it is reported that the business base will be set up long-term, stable, all-round counterpart cooperation platform, promoting technology, personnel, funds, and so the effective allocation of resources.