System reform of Tianjin will clean up specification 16 2012 high school school

Tianjin Municipal Education Commission recently issued the notice on the clean up the specification for system reform of ordinary high school school, surviving 16, Tianjin will clean up the specification system reform of ordinary high school school.

the cleanup standard objects under the private school system run public high school. Up to now, the surviving restructuring high schools from 16 in Tianjin. These schools will be cleaned in two ways: one is the return to public school, according to State-run high school re-registration of legal persons, specification implementation public high school enrollment rate; the second is stopping enrollment, withdrawal and school, suspended from the autumn of 2012 high school enrollment until all students after graduation, cancellation of designation. Autumn of this year, Tianjin will complete restructuring high schools clean up 16 normative work.