Tianjin first 748 students nearly 900,000 yuan of tuition reimbursement

For the enjoyment of the benefits of development to the people, improve the overall quality of the people, enhance the development of economic potential, town on the strategic status of priority development of education, extending compulsory education to high school education, lead in the 12-year compulsory education system. Now, the first batch of 748 students tuition reimbursement of nearly 900,000 yuan, effectively reducing the financial burden on families.

who lives in the town of Sun Cheng is a student of the third year students, brought up by the elderly grandmother since childhood, family life is not rich. Starting from Sun Cheng entered high school, the town adopted high school tuition subsidy policies, the warmth of the sun into the families. Sun Cheng's grandmother referred to this for the benefit of educational policy, his face covered with gratitude: "1200 per year tuition may not be to others what can low-income families do for us is not a small expense, now catch up with high school free of Government policy, our child is blessed!".

for let science development of results benefit Yu people, 2010, in the town introduced has on revitalization in the town education career of views and in the town on high school (equal educational level) learn paragraph students claims tuition of implementation approach, subsidies various high school, and in the vocational technical school or equal educational level education of full-time school agricultural nationality students of basic tuition, achieved has grew up learn to high school stage of 12 years compulsory education business. According to the town's policy of agricultural accounts with the Mayor, was of new students and students of high schools, by semester, with the admission notice or certificate issued by the school in the school certificate and the receipt of paying full tuition reimbursement. Upper secondary school and vocational agricultural students, technical school of this town, with graduation and school tuition receipts issued, which can reimburse tuition fees of not more than three years of high school. In addition, in the town of Cao Zhuang, Northeast, North Slope, slope, wangzhuang village of Liangzhuang 15, WM, big according to the levels of village collective economy, according to the different learning stages, appropriate rewards.

Meanwhile, the town constantly education input, perfect compulsory education funding guarantees mechanism, perfect teachers introduced, and training, and exchange mechanism, implementation has teacher introduced strategy, and and school joint running plans, and established science of education teaching quality evaluation system, and implemented teachers wage floating business, in-depth advance science leader and top-notch selection engineering, efforts created high quality professional teachers team, vigorously development public early childhood education, new has Cao Zhuang primary school, and Cao Zhuang kindergarten, perfect difficult students funding system, Improve the level of education in the whole town, and let the fruits of development to benefit more people in the whole town.