Tianjin jinghai County added four level-kindergarten

Recently, the county town, XI di Zhuang town, Dafeng, daqiuzhuang town, Shun, Jin-Hai SI Center all through the municipal assessment, promoted to park at the municipal level.  

declare promotion level process, four kindergarten controls to find the gap, based on reality, careful analysis, research their problems and challenges. Teachers day under normal operating conditions, create innovative indoor and outdoor environments, making rich to meet the child care needs, highlighting rural characteristics of various types of toys and activity materials, adjusted to improve organization and management of children's activity day link, writing specification documents, perfect the management system in kindergarten.  

qualify for the kindergartens are controlled by the following four development expert evaluation team recommendations, to kindergarten at the municipal level as the new starting point to further enhance the quality of teachers, improve the quality of kindergarten, promoting the harmonious development of children.