Tianjin school grade will use the new teaching materials new curriculum fall opening

According to the end of 2011 and the revised compulsory education and other disciplines of 19 new curriculum standards, starting from the fall 2012 semester, Tianjin compulsory grades will be used in accordance with the "new standard" writing new material. At present, the revised "compulsory education curriculum standards (2011 edition)" published by Beijing Normal University Press; supporting the "education curriculum standards (2011 edition) reading series" respectively published by Beijing Normal University Press and higher education press, according to the subject.

response 3 hot spots in the new curriculum of Ministry of education

a few days ago, according to the "new curriculum" after the hot topics of concern, Ministry education basic education curriculum experts working Committee in charge of the interpretation.

hot 1: content that is too difficult should not be deleted "selected"

"new curriculum" compared with the past in terms of capacity and the degree of difficulty has changed? The curriculum standards from the physical and psychological development characteristics and needs, scientific and reasonable arrangements for capacity and difficulty. Capacity control, the "new curriculum standard" in most subjects in featured content, reduces the content entry. In courses difficulty control Shang, some subject directly by deleting to has had difficult of content; some subject reduced has some knowledge points of learning requirements, from "awareness" and "understanding" adjustment for "understand"; some subject on difficulty larger and should not be delete of content, to "selected learn" way processing; also some subject according to students cognitive features, appropriate adjustment not students paragraph of courses difficulty, reflected step by step principles.

hot 2: low grade primary school reducing the amount of writing

mother tongue education is very important, but its educational contents and requirements must conform to the characteristics of children of different ages. According to primary school age students ' language development and literacy, writing in Chinese teaching in primary school survey, the revised curriculum standards for elementary school students from different grades write an appropriate adjustment, in order to better follow the rules of read and write step by step. After the adjustment, low and medium grade appropriate to reduce the amount of writing, high grade increased the amount of writing, read and write the total amount remains the same throughout elementary school, still requires understanding Chinese characters commonly used in 3,000 or so, 2,500 of them will write.

hot 3: new curriculum standard "age", "Science"

strengthening the era of course, the amendments focus on classic basics in all disciplines at the same time, adhere to the course content of the times, reflecting the achievements of China's economic and social development in the new era. As history has increased "since the 16 new achievements", fully reflects the progress of science and technology achievements; increased physical and "explore the universe" and "manned" and "new energy" and other relevant knowledge. Some subjects subject characteristics, some of the practical problems in the development of our society as course content, guiding students to scientific judgment. Such as chemical "content of protein in infant formula" "ozone hole and ozone layer protection" and other relevant knowledge in the curriculum.