Tianjin University teachers ' ethics for the cultivation of young teachers

"Gather a mass of fire, is a sky full of stars"-University-Tianjin ethics-oriented cultivation of young teachers

29 access to selected Department of education program for new century excellent talents; 31 Ministry of education technical inventions won the first prize at the age 32 years of promotion by exception for teaching, becoming one of the youngest doctoral tutor in the school; 33, won the "Tianjin youth during a medal", excellent class class teacher.

Tianjin University, precision instruments and optoelectronic engineering, 34-year-olds in the eyes of teachers as well as students to read more books.

as well as such is junior but Germany both skilled and young teacher, Tianjin University is not alone. Tianjin University School Secretary of the Liu Jianping said, years, school put ethics as State School of this and development of this, insisted "to ethics of excellent create big of excellent" of concept, to "loyalty tireless, and business exquisite, and love students, and first examples" as ethics construction of target, efforts created has a support thought good, and style are, and business strong of youth teachers team, with noble of ethics led students of growth talent.

system protection: when failure to observe moral norms, in the promotion of teachers "one-vote veto", "transfer removal"

as early as 2001, Tianjin University is school-wide implementation of the construction project, and standardization of occupational ethics and science ethics and code of conduct integrated school of teachers ' professional ethics and the construction of study style, teachers fail to observe moral norms in the title when the promotion of "one-vote veto", "transfer dismissal."

in 2008, the school for young teachers who work for a period of more than six months amounted to more than 120 hours of training courses in school, principal, academician, the Secretary of the podium, research integrity and moral norms are the focus of training. Chemical industry College, King said: "this kind of training, so I realize that choose to be teachers of Tianjin University, is to choose the ' big ' responsibility. ”

new promotion for new teachers, teachers, a new selection of mentors seminar has become a practice of the Tianjin University work, no matter how tight, Party Secretary and President will attend the meeting, emphasizing ethics problems. To carry out "academic research area teaching and discipline" principles require, schools for years have been insisting to podium in front of the young teachers ' training and teaching track supervision after the podium.

to pay special attention to research integrity, in 2008, the school tutor young features, began to tutor new selection systems, in particular PhD training, with particular emphasis on to do a postgraduate academic mentor, must also do ideological mentor.

example lead: "I'm ready to be a master expert counselors struggle for life! ”

power of examples is endless. In 117 years of school history of Tianjin University, emergence of countless moral role models. From proposed "facts" motto of patriotic educator Zhao Tianlin, and determined to "desires national various career of independent forward, non-first seeking various academic of independent development not" of China mechanical history of develop who Liu Xian Chau, to "put dedication as life pursuit, and purse student" of Yang Enze, and donated built has 5 by "Dawn hope primary school" of administered by faculty Professor Zhao Liming, strong of ethics culture accumulation effect with led with youth teachers team in teaching, and Scientific research and various positions for ideological and political education cultivate the high quality of top-notch innovative personnel for their tireless efforts.

example set up needs system guarantee. Tianjin University has "three appraisals to establish the project" construction of teachers ' morality. From 2002 up, insisted each four years held once "imparting knowledge and educating people, and management education and service education advanced workers and the pacesetter" selection recognition activities, and in each two session recognition activities Zhijian specifically on youth teachers ethics individuals for recognition; from 1994 up, continuous held has 17 session "Tianjin University top ten outstanding youth (staff)" appraisals, recognition has a large number of in education teaching, and guide students social practice and technology activities in the made highlight contribution of youth teachers.

Tianjin University "top ten counselor" Liu Fenglin by the students, nicknamed "the cat". One out of learning difficulties, ultimately more professional grade first grade students was about him: "whatever students had much of a problem, ' cat ' will encourage and help students in their own way. One of his ' you don't give up, I will not give up, ' I will never forget. "Liu Fenglin said," I'm ready to be a master expert counselors struggle for life! ”

to further strengthen the construction of teachers ' morality in 2011, Tianjin University, pioneered the construction of teachers ' morality in colleges and universities in the country to establish the project work. Famous figures in the history of the main line to Tianjin University School set up ethics research projects, engaging a large number of young teachers in deep excavation and exemplary deeds of teachers ' morality in school history.

humane concern: on the road to a large number of outstanding young teachers become students mentor

Tianjin University, high standards and ethics requirements and also need to provide comprehensive protection for the growth of young teachers.

2011 State technological invention, second prize winner, "my idea of a good tutor", young Professor Zhu following your said her achievement, without guarantee, Tianjin University young teachers to carry out high level research policy. In recent years, Tianjin University for new school teachers to give at least 50,000 yuan in start-up funds. School Innovation Research Fund total funding amount reaches more than 70 million Yuan. In February 2012, Tianjin University launched the "Northern Youth scholars program", select and train young academic leaders.

in order to ensure that teachers in wealthier, rapid and sound development in the warm atmosphere of humanism, in policy formulation, the school, which is conducive to treatment of young teachers ' growing up, youth staff leaning in the direction of. Just pay-for-performance undertaken reforms, overall standard to raise the youth staff at Tianjin University, only housing subsidies, will inject an additional 5.39 million yuan per year.

perfect the construction of security system, harmonious, competitive, pioneer, caring support environment in which to grow, become a fertile ground for breeding outstanding young teachers, on the road to a large number of outstanding young teachers into student growth mentor.

in Tianjin University, 45 age following youth teachers has accounted for the school full-time teachers team number of 66%; youth staff in the members accounted for has 72.8%; in has are senior titles of teaching research team in the, youth teachers has accounted for 21%; Ministry of education innovation team in the of youth teachers proportion reached 44.7%; national and provincial above focus laboratory in the, youth teachers of proportion half; near 5 years to, total 75 bit Tianjin University youth teachers selected Ministry of education new century excellent talent support plans.

as a youth staff party branch Secretary of Tianjin University said, Tianjin University youth teachers were "gathered a mass of fire, is a sky full of stars". Young teachers have become the backbone of the development of Tianjin University.