Tianjin vocational school students find work five insurance payments monthly salary of 2000 hardware

Haihe River vocational skills education parks public training center in his first college job fair. Over more than 300 exhibitors, 120 were from Binhai New area and the Tianjin Port free trade zone, including Panasonic, Lishen, Otsuka Pharmaceutical companies. Employers provide jobs for electronics, mechanics categories, such as applications.

Tianjin blue-collar job "five social insurance and one housing fund" must


five insurance payments monthly salary of 2000 hardware

"less practice time, one thousand or two thousand Yuan a month, but after the regularization could have more than 2000 Yuan, also has five insurance payments, promising. "Job fairs, of German occupation Technology College numerical control specialty in several boys told reporters," we just this year, sophomore, today is to look at. "For future job prospects, they feel very optimistic," there will definitely, is high or low condition. ”

compared to the Tianjin local students, overseas graduates prefer to provide accommodation. "In fact, we demand is not high, work and professional work, incluing food and dormitory, more than 2000 Yuan a month after the positive, there are five insurance payments on the line. "Three senior electronics information technology school boys.


need to "pick up and put down" talent

"will have to take some time and work to learn, fear most is just out, people go. "Zhibo communication recruiter said, while the students ' academic level is not high, but demand for skills is high, particularly in need of some faithful technicians.

"young man, if your technical skills, give you five thousand or six thousand Yuan a month. "The recruitment sites, Deputy General Manager of the Tianjin electrical development company Dong Zaiqi personally recruit," I am looking to pick up ' techniques, ' put it down ' figure ' man. Our workers are secondary schools for vocational school graduates, college students, in fact we really don't mind the candidate stupid, not too inexperienced, as long as diligent and work hard, you will have a bright future. "Mr Tung admitted that compared with gaudy resume, he was more interested in a candidate's employment psychology, can collapse down to hard work and enterprise needs.

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month as well as public interest job fair

yesterday, sponsored by the City College graduate employment Guide Center "2012 machinery, automation, electronic graduate job fair" held in Tianjin University of technology. Attend State-owned, private, joint ventures and other types of hiring nearly 130 homes, providing more than more than 2,500 jobs. According to preliminary statistics, more than 3000 people attending graduate.

on March 31, the City College graduates ' employment guidance Center will work with individual Association of private enterprises, shared one public job fair for graduates of private enterprises and individuals.