Learning motivation
Whether your child is learning not to organize learning plans, learning goals, learning? Whether because of lack of motivation and learning difficulties, learning ability of improved?

in the modern school education mode, plus the high incentives to stimulate increases in children's life, dull and monotonous learning because of the lack of vitality and vigor has some children feel depressed and suffering. Children's learning motivation and interest is gradually lost, if they fail to improve, strengthen and inspire, will affect the healthy growth of children. On arousing and cultivating students ' learning motivation, not just school teacher faces, children parents need to pay more attention to a very important and difficult issue.

motivation is in the presence of self-regulation, individuals make their own needs coordination with external incentives, thus forming stimulate, sustain the factors. Its content consists of three factors, namely, internal demand, external incentives and self-regulation. Only fully understand and grasp the meaning of these three connotations, was better able to educate and stimulate a child's motivation.

internal demand

individuals under the influence of the surrounding environment and its conditions will show different internal demand. However, the social significance of individual internal demand is produced by learning, learning paths and include all aspects of school, family and society. The subjective individual students, in addition to the school is the growth stage will go through the process, is also an important aspect of family education and their impact on the healthy development of children is a very important stage. So in order to cultivate and stimulate the child's motivation to mobilize his internal demand, as a parent, to make full use of supervision and coaching strategy. Parents action speak louder than words can influence their children. Once a child has tasted the benefits of learning, motivation would be generated. Increased motivation to learn the best way is to focus on the cognitive aspects of learning, not motivation, so that children experience from the heart to the joy of learning itself.

Second, the external incentives

external incentives mainly of behavioral objectives, rewards, etc. Children self-discipline and self-conscious learning under the program requirements seems to be unrealistic, and so must be the target setting and the necessary enhanced means of rewards and punishments to educate and stimulate a child's motivation. Goal setting can be based on the actual situation of children, combined with the current stage of learning tasks and set goals. Goal setting is too high, it is not easy to achieve, but will produce more children in the defeat of an inferiority complex, conflicting emotions on learning; too low over easy, easy, without challenging, can also lead to motivation cannot fire. Therefore, the target can be broken, such as larger goals broken down into a series of short targets, but little between layers and gradients, as playing through the game, as every one success with pride and fight with pride. The realization of such a small target, it is step by step toward the goal. For the achievement of objectives, also needs appropriate reward and punishment measures, the use of appropriate means of reward and punishment, and implement the necessary reward and punishment. This child will be a success, there is pressure, there is joy, challenging learning environment continuously produce a dynamic and passionate, prompting strong demand, have more drive and initiative. Rewards and punishments are a means to reinforce learning, she could be a verbal praise and encouragement, or appropriate material. Because excessive use of verbal rewards to students "lip service" to a symptom, does not favor the deeper dynamics of reinforcement learning. This honor is, after all, real, not only to the long-term preservation and, if necessary, can also be used as "show" of capital, this is an instinctive needs as a person. Vanity well, sometimes is a driving force, especially children should pay more attention to this. So verbal praise can be used in normal supervised children's learning process, material rewards tend to be in the final, it reflects a period of summarizing and inducing State. It is more difficult, temptation is naturally stronger. Only to keep the spirit of continuous improvement to the end in order to enjoy the special treatment for students, desires, will naturally generate power.

third, the self-regulation

self-regulation is to link and coordinate learning motivation of internal demand and external causes of bridge. Individual needs may be inspired through self-regulation and more forward momentum towards the goal, to raise and maintain behavior. The fact that many children, lack of motivation, motivation is not clear one of the main reasons is the lack of self-regulation of awareness and ability. So, as the child's parents should pay more attention to kids ability to self-regulation and to play. In the learning process of the child gives children the opportunity to be successful experiences. For learning success is not just test scores, because it not only reflects child academic achievement standards. Standard is dead, but the execution is in the works, only the flexible use of standards to enable children to experience the joy of success, otherwise it would be in the kids hung dull, depressing atmosphere. In children's learning process, therefore, to properly apply the evaluation criteria, so that children of success opportunities and incentives to succeed expected value is always in favour of arousing the learning motivation in good condition.

because feedback is essential to remain self-regulated functioning part of entire forming process has a certain impact on motivation. For children learning to timely and accurate information, such as summary and questions in a timely manner, emphasis, deduction, repeatedly, and the quality of feedback in time to take the appropriate means.

four, the result of attribution training

children face a learning task, through their behavior, reflected the results of only two, that is, success or failure. The objective in two ways, need not be too happy with panic. Key sums up in a timely manner, so as to continuously enhance the self-control and ability. Due to different of return for way will produced different of effect, as individual put a items activities in the failed attributed to lack capacity, on will produced negative mood, reduced or lost success of expected, then reduced subsequent line learning behavior of motivation level; if will success attributed to once accidentally of lucky, will will caused fluke psychological, on will produced self-deception of complacency mood, to also will reduced subsequent behavior of motivation level. If attributes the success to hard or don't work hard, you will further enhance children's learning motivation and passion. Therefore, consciously attributional training for children, children's cognitive problems, extreme change of attributional style, arousing their interest, inspire enthusiasm for learning, for the subsequent study of power.