Learning motivation
My child did wrong and know more than 2000 words when he was 3 years old, can recite more than more than 40 ancient poems will be within 100 of the addition operation, relatives and friends said it was a ' prodigy ', but an elementary school, the children began to dislike learning, has no interest in school. "This is an excerpt from the text of the letter from parent to school teachers, concerns revealed that parents of young children to lose interest in learning.

why would an innocent, loving exploration, imaginative child in elementary school, but has no interest in basic learning it? in the children's world, who "won" the child's interest in learning, children at primary schools began to explore desire?

interest is the best teacher of the child, has no interest in children, their growth process is not perfect, and even lead to mental illness. Kindergarten training mission is to set a good life, health habits, improve their learning interest. First kindergarten, yinchuan city, Wang Yuyi believes that teaching must follow the rules of child development. Dang children on characters, and poetry also no cognitive degrees of when, parents once forced let children learning, may must degree Shang will created "Prodigy" effect, but once to children Shang primary school began full contact these knowledge Shi, because he of "early will, and early know" on began tired of these he think repeat of "old knowledge", children of learning interest virtually was greatly contusion and overdraft, results appeared class spirit not concentrated of status. In other words, you make at the age of 3 years old children has 8 to complete the structure of knowledge, that when he was 8 years old what should I learn?

some kindergartens investigation in yinchuan city, before 90% per cent of children under 5 years old in kindergarten, has been in a State of struggle to learn a variety of knowledge. Affiliated hospital of Ningxia Qi Hongyan kindergarten teacher said, many parents are eager for quick success and wished "the mother's womb" to instill all kinds of acquired knowledge, ignoring the child's growth also need to explore, research and other intrinsic capacity for training, this practice deprives children experience happiness, causing children only passive knowledge, while not actively thinking, not to mention full of creativity and imagination. So, parents of young children to plan any "child prodigy" programme, which will lead to premature "overdrawn" child's interest may, resulting in tragic "haste makes waste". The educational expectations of parents of young children to have a normal, it is better to its happy to develop their interests, with its interest in guiding their learning.