Learning motivation
Many parents are aware that the good book is helpful for the healthy growth of children. Good books are good partners in the child, not only with the children in the world of knowledge adventure, bring joy to children, but also inspire their imagination, to enlighten the mind, cultivate the child in a happy mood, increase knowledge, is indispensable to the children living in the "Mentor". By reading, can stimulate the child's motivation and interest in reading, improve the language abilities of children, promote healthy development of children. How parents can guide their children read?

1. should pay attention to

promoting good reading habits among children, parents need to pay more attention to their children's reading guide. First, in addition to the number of children's books, and also the quality of the books children read, select children's books appropriate to their mental age is the golden rule of children to read, so that the children can receive the best results. Second, parents need to guide children to resolving reading obstacles encountered.

2. to listen, feel the parents read

children begin reading mainly depends on the parents to read aloud, they are using their ears "reading", listen to, and children are the main way of reading. Parents should schedule a regular time each day reading to children, not only to promote parent-child relationships, and promoting good reading habits among children.

(Editor's Note: parents should let their kids love the good habit of reading)

3. the time required to ensure that

every adult was once a child. Often parents will ask, how long do children read every day now. Survey, 14% family fun time for a total of more than 1 hour per day, 65% stay in about half an hour, 17% only 15 minutes or so 4% parents rarely read with kids. However, guarantees a certain amount of reading time is very important, it is the ability to cultivate children's interest in reading and reading the basis and prerequisite.

parents need to have some patience, in a variety of ways to let children experience the joy of reading, and then gradually lengthen the time of reading. In addition, different length of time children spend reading is different. 7 per cent of children at a time for about 15 minutes, two times a day and average 9 to 30 minutes at a time.

4. help children to observe and understand story content

parents with children with reading, not only requiring children to read, should also require the child to understand that by helping children understand the story, to develop children's ability to observe and may also make some observational problems, such as Crow's problem.

5. place seeking suitable

United Kingdom master of contemporary adolescent literature Aidan? Chambers said: "reading place is always required. "And said demand for reading place is matter of opinion.

children's reading site, as long as it is for their own good. Often, parents read their children's reading place is always eclectic, there are beds, sofas, carpets, desks and so on. Although the locations vary, but can create for their children a free, uninterrupted space.

in this space, with its rich, children's books, you can let children review enjoy the ease and joy in reading. It is worth mentioning that, surveys show, 91.5% 's children have kept their small bookcase of books, 90% of parents and children in the family have dedicated reading room. Visible side bookcase is also good choice for creating a good reading space. Great reading sites can help children's interest in reading more lasting, reading becomes more focused.

6. food for thought, suppose

reading is not for reading, but for the development of children's thinking. In guided reading process for parents to create scenarios, inspired thinking, expand children's thinking. For example, kids continuation of the end of the story, to develop children's imagination and understanding, such as the story of the monkeys and the moon.

(Editor's Note: parents give their children a good reading environment and resources)

7. strengthen the exchanges after reading

parents to accompany their children read has been completed, and children for the purpose of conversation, to understand children's understanding and ideological trends. With your child reading Tang Lijiao of the wind (fall leaves, blowing open flowers. Had River thousand feet waves, into bamboo million rod oblique) a poems Shi, know this is first antithesis is neat of poems, as three or two, and thousand, and million of antithesis, solutions fell, and blow open, and had River, and into rod of antithesis, ploughing leaves, and interview spent, and thousand feet waves, and million rod oblique Zhijian of antithesis, to in let children understanding poetry of while, growth children on ancient poetry of cognitive.

reading a good book, not only can increase children's knowledge, it can clean the child's mind, as a parent, we should actively create good reading environment for children, kids in high school, long read, can learn a book of nutrition.

as elders, how should you give children a science and comfortable reading environment – good places, sufficient time, reasonable methods can influence and even change their children's reading habits.

today's parents are very busy, less time for contact with children in the family, but regardless of how crunch time, accompany children to read the time, absolutely must be vacant, because parent-child read charm is very large and has a lot of advantages.