Learning motivation
"Interest" is the man of knowledge needed for emotional expression. As found in people's understanding on the process of good taste. People interested in certain things, that he is willing to further, more understanding of the things that are meaningful to him. Characteristics of early school-age children is that interest has occurred in early childhood and development; but mostly limited to things they like to do, but, interest the lack of motivation and easy transfer. Children enrolled, learning activities, not all courses have interested him. Therefore, children interested in all learning content, and ease of learning, children's activities will need to be mobilized to participate in, and make them interested in trying to force myself to learn the will of course.

How to cultivate children's interest in learning

specific method is to nurture a child's interest: parents, teachers have to fight for our children for most of the courses have a strong interest. Interest, reflecting the objective awareness of the positive tendency, therefore, interested in motivating people to explore new knowledge and develop new skills. Made in the children's interest in learning and academic performance are closely related. Directivity of children's interests, under the influence of innate qualities, such as some children like language lessons, and was interested in math. Interest of nurture, education can play an important role, such as school teachers to lively teaching method to attract children's interest in learning, parents new stationery available attract children's interest in the job, so that it is easy to cultivate children's interest in learning.

was observation to, children by at environment in the, adult of learning attitude, on children of learning interest has is big effect, as parents love learning, talk about learning of importance, at to children buy some useful of books,, children on learning will will produced enthusiasm, on the door academic will pour is big interest, so parents to at to children created a good of atmosphere.