Learning motivation
Many parents often reflect: children Shang seven grade Shi on English learning also enthusiastic, can a Shang eight years level English results on plummeted, weariness mood also increasingly serious; and many English teachers also reflect himself in lessons, and organization teaching Shang spent has many Kung Fu, responsible also is strong, sometimes at sacrifice rest time for students overtime, but nevertheless, teaching effect is total not ideal, this is what reasons does? This is because many of the teachers are generally only considered to impart knowledge, duty to resolve their problems, while ignoring students ' affective factors. Teaching practice has proved that the success in learning English, depends not only on their intelligence, also depends on students ' feelings, attitudes, motivation, and emotional factors.

, the use of positive effect of emotional factors and English teaching


teaching English to succeed, will be given to pupils ' emotional and scientific controls, help students develop positive attitudes to overcome negative emotions that may occur in the study.

1, to enable the students to learn English has always maintained a strong interest.


interest in culture and development enables students to have high spirits, full of spirit and strong motivation. Students ' interest in learning not only into learning motivation, but also promote the development of students ' intellectual, achieve the objective of improved learning outcomes. Conversely, students who have lost interest in learning, learning is no longer is a good thing, but a heavy burden. Therefore, to creating English teaching enables students to have a strong interest in the conditions, the environment and atmosphere.

2, relaxed atmosphere and environment is conducive to cultivating students ' interest of learning.


psychological research shows that easy and enjoyable learning environment will enable students to enjoy learning, thinking and access to knowledge, which is conducive to cultivating students ' interest in learning.


create a relaxed learning environment is the key to the students ' intimacy. Teaching, teachers teaching gentleness and vivid, humorous, full of appeal, so that students ' learning interest will arise spontaneously, in high spirits, thinking positive, to achieve understanding in teaching harmony, emotional exchange, it will have a spiritual resonance. Therefore, teachers must pay attention to emotion investment to their genuine love evokes resonates with students.

3, suppressing frustrations, let students often have successful experience.


a students in read seven years level Xia Shi English on off has team, each exam are not pass, students are looked down on he, teacher also depending on its for "students", from he lost has learning English of interest, on English also very antipathy, and depending on its for by learn courses in the most not love of subject; instead, another one students on English very interested in and learn have is seriously, so, each English exam are in 90 points above, he on this door subject full has confidence, learning interest also became more thick.


examples above show that negative emotions such as frustration, the sense of failure will enable students to lose faith and interest in learning, and in a State of psychological inhibition, which leads to academic achievement is getting worse. And successful experiences can make people sexy and boost confidence, aroused the students ' intrinsic motivation, greatly enhancing the effectiveness of awareness. It is a very valuable experience in learning English. Moreover, a successful experiences and promoting the success of the second, many successful experiences students have confidence gradually learned English learning fun, but also laid the Foundation for the success of English teaching.

4, understanding, and respect for the students ' emotion.

students are generally very care about the teacher's attitude towards them and to evaluate. Therefore, in teaching, the teacher should be mainly to encourage and praise, to find student advantage, especially for students not only discrimination, but an extra care to their self-esteem, to create opportunities, allows them to be successful in order to inspire their confidence and enthusiasm for learning. Understanding and respect for the students ' emotion which is maintaining and developing students ' subjectivity in the starting point and the key, ignore this, students ' self-esteem is hurt, deep antagonisms, teachers and all other efforts may be in vain.

and second, strengthening the communication between teachers and students to improve the quality of English teaching


famous educationist said Mr Xia Gaizun: "education on the water is what? Is love, is love. Teachers have no love, becomes a pool of water, you are square or rounded, total escape a void. "Our object is not yet mature, emotional fragility, to a window of the mind that they were not indifferent to them, even they hate people open. Thus, if a teacher does not care about, love and study of students ' psychological and emotional, even though he had a good lesson, teaching high level teaching are hard to predict. Teaching and education without a teacher's teaching activities as a whole in perfect unity, then teaching has lost its spirit and charm. So, if you want to be successful in teaching, in addition to education, on which subject a kind of obsessive love, must also pay attention to students ' emotional, with his true love, promotion between teachers and students "to heart, and care from the" emotional communication.


so, how to build relationships between teachers and students in teaching, establish harmonious emotions?

1, to improve themselves, to charisma infected students.


teachers as "human education" of professional workers, not only with their full knowledge and talents to educate students, but also to use his entire personality style to affect students. In all educational process, students won't just passively accept teachers "giving" something, they always through observation, imitation and experience, active from teachers to "claim" it. Therefore, teachers should not only "words" should take the lead to "teach by example".

2, focus on teaching attitudes and body language


teachers teaching attitudes and body language is an important part of language in English teaching. Good teaching attitudes and body reflect the teacher's personality, temperament and overall quality. Teaching information and transfer knowledge as well as teachers ' spoken language, but also through teaching and the assisted non-language factors such as body. State teachers to teach and students a "silent language", is the teachers ' ideological and emotional gestures, facial expressions of emotion. Deep love and aspirations of teachers to students, through dignified, elegant, natural, friendly States, as embodied by the flowing. Body language refers to the language teaching positions or actions, gestures, and eye and so on. Its frequency is very high, in many ways, directly affecting the teaching effects of English, is the embodiment of artistry of teaching. Good teaching manners and body language can reduce students ' burden, so as to give full play to their initiative, to developing students ' thinking and speaking and writing and acting ability are also very beneficial. Along with teaching the contents of happiness, anger, sadness and joy, emotional resonance with teaching situation with students, can make teaching rich, lively and full of vitality and attractiveness.

3, continuous learning, to learned.


students favorite was a learned teacher. Talented teachers in education, teaching not only have more control, but also easy access to students ' respect and trust. Teachers particularly erudite. Not only is the need of professional features, and also the need of communication between students and teachers. Knowledge is too narrow if teachers and teaching inevitably leaks, becomes a laughing stock, and now middle school students informed, active, and if teachers ' professional ignorant, it is difficult to communicate with students emotional, formation of resonance. Therefore, as a teacher of English, proficiency in other branches of knowledge, as far as possible to provide students with help and advice to promote emotional communication between teachers and students.


all in all, preach, teach and FAQ teachers vocation which is purposeful, meaningful and emotional activity. Emotional strength is unlimited, potential teachers should give full play to people's emotions, to stimulate students ' enthusiasm for learning, and constantly improve the quality of English language teaching.