Learning motivation
1, allows children to fully feel the warmth of the school

pupils from the old environment, come to a new school, new environment will have a huge heart attack on students, students will not help now compared to the schools and the environment. If he thinks that a new environment is superior to the original environment, then he would have a natural for new school psychology, thereby actively with schools, doing the right thing to do, and over time, the child has a tendency to become good.

Conversely, if the child comes to a strange environment, unfamiliar teacher, new classmates, dirty, chaotic, and poor school environment, clutter of school management, teachers lack the warmth and caring, students feel uncomfortable, depression, boredom, loneliness, long, long time, students will produce a sense of distance from the new school, naturally produced a psychological resistance. If a child does not have a good psychological adjustment, over time, even a pretty good student, inevitable variations in the negative direction, kids are difficult to produce a feeling of pleasure.

people's feelings the most subtle, so, it was suggested that schools no matter what, everything is education; the teacher section, steadily closed education. The school, a teacher, a seemingly casual things might have a huge impact on students ' hearts. Therefore, the students, especially freshmen students to schools like, sense of identity, felt from schools, from the teacher's warm and is the basis for promoting the healthy growth of children.

2, kids often get the positive motivation of teachers

people have been praised by others desire a kind compliment is recognition, an encouragement, a concern, a recognition; adults doing something thought to be proud of something, there is a certain psychological wants others, let alone in a period of physical and mental development of children. So, as a teacher (including parents of course), be sure to know the child's psychological, give your child encouragement than usual cynicism, criticism, education will be much more effective. Educator, Qian Meng said: we carefully protect the enthusiasm of the students at least a little bit. ' Really, good, enthusiasm like the buds of beauty, just like buds need teachers seek to protect. Otherwise, a miserable conditions, regardless of negligence, will let the buds, buds fade, fall and lose the precious opportunity to grow, success. As famous educationalist Tao xingzhi's says: "be careful under your pointer Watts, Newton's in your cold, you sneered at Edison. ”

as a teacher, despite his criticism of education in the first place would be good for students, but the results compared to the affirmation, encouragement, and recognition of, the effect does not know the difference, although the "honest advice", but if cleverly into truths worth, maybe the effect will be much better. Many of the students out of school, a teacher during the school once had no intention of praising, and bear them in mind in the cradle, power praise.

therefore, as a teacher, be sure to use a magnifying glass to see the student's progress. Little progress, are children up, good signal, we seize the opportunity to give recognition and attention in a timely manner, and will be able to strengthen the consciousness of a child's progress, a trait that children do not progress very difficult.

instead, ignore the child's progress demands, children were not interested in the error trying to ruthlessly, is forcing children to "a dead end" go on, the result will be terrible, so with caution as a teacher must encourage criticism.

3, enable children to experience the joy of success

to some extent, now test is a setback, not a successful education. More topics more difficult, topic more and more tricky, like questions more difficult, students do not only can show the level of the proposition. How many children do not know that the test has lost the desire of, how many children had suffered the consequences of failure.

my view is that children in learning and living, their mental status is key, as long as they experience success, few attempts failed, they will become more and more confident, their enthusiasm will be fully mobilized. Confident children will feel happy in the process of the pursuit of progress, fear, low self-esteem of children can only be afraid afraid in front of knowledge, got louder.

so, regardless of the school or a teacher, every effort should be made to provide children with opportunities to experience success. For questions, my view is that the more "simple" as possible, here is not do not pay attention to the simple principle, or do not pay attention to the topic of distinction, but do not deliberately large to embarrass students.

don't know where to listen to stories, said an educator to do an experiment, he once walked into a school in a class are free to place the names of some students, and said that in his own eye, these children will have a great deal of make. Several years later, educators and visit named students, found that these students are really learning anything, had only modest success. The fact that he is entirely free to a few students, and some of them are famous students in teacher's mind. This story shows: for a child in a positive, positive self-talk, and will have an inestimable impact on his future development.

4, let the children get active and healthy state of mind

child's growth actually consists of two parts: one is mental, psychological growth, the other is a knowledge-based growth. In a sense, to be more critical and important, because progress in positive State of mind is a prerequisite to gain knowledge and security.

in children life in the, children active health mentality of core is confidence, on any unknown world are full has desire, believes "I can line", and for of pay hard and efforts, encountered setbacks also not frustrated, and down, but calm analysis exists of problem, appropriate of when obtained teachers of help, always on target full win of confidence, has has this mentality, has what difficult not can overcome, has what target not can achieved, said sentence truth, has this mentality of children and how will not happy.

said the child's schooling, the road is hard, but with this mentality of the child where there is any pain at all? They feel every day is hard work, exploring the pleasure, enjoy the happiness of success, so in that sense, most happy confident children and mentor of the teacher is to help children to develop self-confidence and helmsman. For teachers, help children to develop positive and healthy attitude, than teach how much particular much valuable knowledge.