Learning motivation
Since young children can read, then the remaining question is "when" and "how to read". The starting age on early childhood literacy, psychology is controversial. But on the whole, experts affirmed aged young children learn to read at the best age, depending on their personal circumstances, this age can be extended to 2 years to 4 years and a half.

two questions about literacy of children

psychologists have pointed out that, if the people of potential development from birth to the age of 17 as a 100%, then he was before the age of 4 is developed by 50% and 4~8sui development 30%, 8~17sui can only develop 20%. 0~8sui is the potential development of an important stage. Specific to the children's memory and memory potential of nature as a whole, 3 is the highest peak, after a few years is crucial. If from the beginning, children can learn to read science and reading, will achieve very good results.

parents of young children $literal years old cannot "do nothing" or "blind development," and to avoid "blind development," too early, too late, too much is bad. So what is the "Science" of literacy methods? It should be said that specific methods should be varied, but due to the child's physical and psychological development of their common, so it can also be proposed for all the basic principles of children's literacy, which let children without excessive pressure, does not cause trouble because of the burden of the premise, based exclusively on its own ability to accept information literacy as early as natural as learning to speak and read