Learning motivation
Junior Chen liked literature, but parents have let him learn the piano and particularly demanding, almost no playing time, Chen sometimes I think I've played very well, but parents always said "than so and it still doesn't work, you need to practice again." Because practicing thing, Chen was a kid afraid of parents, is now upset parents from the heart. Xiao Chen's parents believe that children today is not sensible, home to provide them with such a good learning conditions, but have no interest at all.

like Chen can be said very much, this topic is also a headache for many parents. How to cultivate children's interest in learning in the family?

first of all, to enhance children's learning pleasure, cultivation of direct interest. For kids, more praise and less criticism. To discover a child's behaviour. Some parents say silence is "simply won't, you know", this is a soft metal into steel in a Word, but I do not know better steel has been blunted in the criticism, severely dampening the enthusiasm of the children. Children in the study produces a sense of oppression and hate. Such an approach is wrong.

Second, clear learning objectives, develop indirect interest. For example, children not interested in back foreign words, but to learn a foreign language can communicate in foreign languages, participated in various foreign languages program results, such as interest, this interest has prompted the children to recite the words of the activity.

third, using the child's curiosity, and cultivate interest in learning. Child has a curious, inquisitive, active characteristic, and parents should use it to stimulate children's interest in learning. Some children took the clock apart, some children kept asking why, if parents do not know the characteristics of the children took this as a mischievous, trouble, attitudes to children to take criticism, cold, ignored, and the growth of germs can damage a child's wisdom, dampening their enthusiasm for knowledge. Parents must respect, protect, and guide their child's curiosity.

Finally, to create favorable external environment for students ' interests. Only a good fertile soil to grow crops, only a good family environment could develop intelligence excellent, intelligent and lively child. Parents are their children's first teachers, a good example is the best sermon. If parents urge their children to study hard, and often all night long to play mahjong, the child may not be interested in how to improve learning, but how to play a card. Furthermore, a quiet learning environment for the children. Children learn when parents don't send fruit, while speaking with him, interrupting children's thinking.