Learning motivation
Are you as his own children are not interested, the motivation and the confused? As the growing difficulties faced by their children to do anything?

to let children actively learning, first it interest to solve the problem. So parents and teachers must first cultivate children's interest in learning, so that children understand the importance of interest. Due to differences in family structures, their child's interest in learning methods are more flexible. Child's parents should be good at using all kinds of time to educate children. First be clear how interest is generated. It is certain that the social life and education, developed under the influence of. Interest in learning needs, along with the development of knowledge accumulation and exploratory thinking, children are increasingly understanding things, willing to complete complex jobs, the pursuit of learning interest and don't care about score and praise. For example: help kids clear learning objective; stimulate a child's curiosity, actively develop the child's interest; training children learn perseverance. Help kids clear learning objectives, and continuously improve the consciousness and initiative to learn. Parents should focus on cultivating the children's sense of responsibility and obligation, helping them to set up great hopes and aspirations without children should be regarded as private property, inculcating in them all the wrong motivation, this is not love children but killed the child. It should be noted that target whether the right or directly affect the interests of a lasting.

most children would feel about everything around strangers, fresh and curious. It is out of curiosity and move, it is sometimes difficult to get into trouble. Usually children tend to ask "why", and some parents because they do not understand the characteristics of their curious and ask questions, normal is trouble, these naughty, so the child is often taken cold, careless, and prevaricating attitudes, or ignores it. Such practices are undermining the growth of germs children wisdom, dampening their enthusiasm for knowledge. For inquisitive kids, the greatest happiness is to know never know mysteries. Experience the joy and satisfaction after the mystery of emotions, in turn provoked new interest in exploring, in the learning of truth. As a parent, not only to respect, protect and guide the child's curiosity, and efforts should be made to stimulate their curiosity, curiosity of the childish development as prayed for. On children's issues, to be exact, easy to understand, organized to give an answer. To actively develop the child's interest, according to the characteristics of children's active, unstable interest, should develop their interests and hobbies, and leads to their interest in knowledge and pursuit of scientific truth.

due to the physical development of the child is not mature enough, unbalanced development of excitation and inhibition, childish, good move, attention is easier to transfer, combined with a lack of life experience to the study of deep social meaning of, so their interest with a significant chance, diversity and instability. Interest in children is often not differentiated, they seem to be interested in what, big stars, small spiders, ants, beetles, ask why. With the development of intelligence, the accumulation of knowledge and experience, the child's interest is divided, often end up showing one or more of the special interest, as well as life. Turns out, so it should be trained the children to a wide range of interests. Start germination of two or three grades in primary school students on reading, more than when they already have more than 2000 characters, provided conditions for reading some simpler books. They not only like to read fairy tales and thrilling, interesting, funny comic strips like tension, a four or five year, children are particularly likes reading literary books, fairy tales and dramatic history of science stories. For the parents of these characteristics to help them make proper arrangements for time to do homework and read some books, selected books and guided reading, to gradually improve reading interests. To created conditions let children are more see, and more listening to, and more contact nature and social, expanded life range, growth insight; to guide children reading fairy tale, and science fiction, and science story, to inspired they on Science of interest; also should encourages children learned singing, and dance, and painting; visit various art exhibition, learned landscaping, and layout himself of housing; encourages children homemade toy, and do new year's tablets and various technology products and so on.

in addition to mentioned above, to guide children interested should also include preventing partial section. If it is found that children like poetry and painting, to be interested in literature and art, and should cultivate their interest in mathematics in order to exercise their ability to abstract logical thinking.

children learn perseverance in order to consolidate and develop their interest in learning. Learning is hard labor, children young, tender, strong self-esteem, smooth in high spirits, setbacks are often depressed. Adhere to the stringent requirements, and develop the will and can continue to stimulate children's learning motivation.

as a parent, should be concerned about their children's academic achievement, the question is how to deal with children's achievement. General praise more encouragement and less criticism. The child's progress, even if it is a slight improvement, such as giving them recognition and praise, he was encouraged by the increased interest, increased confidence. When the kids to get good grades, parents not only to affirm the achievements, but also to point out, guide them to point out the reason and further proposed that the new requirements. Also, note also that the use of ancient and modern, both positive and negative examples, let the child know "haughtiness and modest benefit," the truth. When the child scores well, to help them experience, inspire confidence.

Finally, parents should also pay attention to that and guiding children's accidental interest. Often see a situation, children at one time on an activity or a strong interest in an object at the same time, has led to his knowledge relevant to this initiative. Interest in this accident should actively guide, making it a stable and lasting interest in promoting children's learning power. It should be noted that any scientists have a strong thirst for knowledge than most people, promote their tenacious courage to climb the heights of science.