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Analysis of family counselling styles

At school, every teacher has their own coaching style; in family education and counselling, parents can try to have their own style. Different styles of counselling counselling effects will have a greater impact on children's learning. With children in school receiving some form teachers of different styles different, since parents live with their children, on child learning counseling density, length of time. If you used the same style, the child will have some feelings of fatigue. Thus, family counselling tries to use a different style, are also parents of all educational strategies. Effective educational strategy will fully mobilize the enthusiasm of children, improve the efficiency of learning. What, then, is family coaching style? it refers to the parent in the long-term education tutoring children in the process of formation of skills, reasonable combination of skill and application, embodies the individual has always been stable and rich creativity, flexibility, quality of educational psychology.  

specifically, the counselling style has the following four features:

is the art of coaching, coaching skills and techniques used in the process, and reflect an artistic effect, give the child a sense of harmonious, smooth, full of a kind of artistic appeal.  

Second, the effectiveness of counselling and refers to children the knowledge, intelligence, skills and moral development is effective.  

third, counselling of creativity, that parents were coaching, coaching method of choice and organization of the counselling process is unique, individual creativity into full play in family counselling and application.

four psychological stability, refers to a parent in the long-term practice of counselling consistent persistence and pursuit, embodies the individual good psychological quality, distinct personality, as well as the establishment of such high confidence in coaching styles.  

family counselling styles can be roughly divided into the following types.  

first, natural  

this style features is, parents lectures kind natural, plain minimalist, no affectation, also not deliberately rendering, but story road to, thin induced, parents and children in a equal, and collaboration, and harmony of atmosphere Xia, for silently of two-way exchange, will on knowledge of desire and exploration thaw Yu simple, and real of stories among, children in quietly to thinking, and silence to approval in the get knowledge. Parents who lecture sound is not high, but shenqingziruo, true, like spring rain into kids hearts, moisten things silently, giving a pleasant, quiet and tranquil feel.

Second, the high-profile

this style is that the parent skilled in counselling techniques, with wit, a diverse range of skills can be handy, use it freely, just right. Without the slightest trace of Polish. Such as the introduction of multimedia family, the whole family structure like a thinking process, natural transition, well organized and with a reasonable, businesslike. Clear explanation, analysis, feasibility studies; ask questions, discussions, exercises, kids real, fully reflects the understanding of parents of young children, coaching methods of rational use and heavy on textbook knowledge, difficult to grasp. For children to acquire knowledge, and it is a pursuit of efficient style of coaching.

third, emotion- 

this style of counseling parents on high spirits, science and culture of love and pursuit into love and expectations for children, full of respect for the people's high and dependence. Talk about emotional, often in high spirits, impassioned, exciting, awesome soul, so that children have a strong emotional resonance, on the premise of understanding communication between parents and children, work together to create a warm atmosphere of a thirst for knowledge, truth, and children under the guidance of parents in this way, knowledge gained not only training value, also influences the value of personality and emotion.  

four, intellectual  

this style is mainly manifested in: parents lecture simple and clear, the layers of analysis, linked together, demonstrates rigorous, well-structured, logical thinking power to attract the children's attention, reason family counselling process. Children of parents insightful lectures, not only learn knowledge, training, and was nurtured by parents ' strict attitude and infection, learn to calm and to think independently. Although unsmiling on the parents in the family, but on the inside are full of knowledge understanding and rational pursuit of capacity development to the people.  

five, humor

embodied in this style is the most prominent feature, parents lecture is vivid, witty, witty, touching. A vivid metaphor, like the finishing touch, give the child opens the door of wisdom; a proper humor incites a knowing smile, such as drinking a glass of fresh spring, give people a taste of nostalgia; philosopher epigrams, proverbs from time to time visit tells of culture, to inspire and awaken to the child. In such a family atmosphere, children feeling refreshed and eager to learn and gain inspiration in life in the light-hearted laughter, get training of the mind, mechanical simulation for them to think. Child learning and positive awareness of the subject will be brought into full play.

of course, the coaching style more than the above types, and can be summarized from the other angle. Even if it is above, is not completely separate, unrelated to each other in real coaching, every parent should be based on their and their children's actual, combined with counselling practice, form their own unique style of coaching, while trying to absorb the advantages of other styles, so that counselling to achieve ideal and perfect results.