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Baby back to the parents not to be angry

"Don't you!" …… If these hurtful words from that tame baby's mouth from the start, parents ' reaction must shift from shock to anger, and then to the loss. Fortunately, most children go through a phase in the process, as long as parents properly, you and your child will quickly through the full "provocative" troubles stage.

seems like yesterday, this looked like an Angel of a baby, lying in the crib, with innocent eyes staring at you, seems to be saying to you, "my dear mother, I would do anything for you." But in an instant, the Angel baby grown up, walking, began to speak, and learned to talk back. You tell him to pick up the toys on the floor, but you hear is "what I found!" You told him to get a second cookie back in the box, but he defiantly tell you, "How can you be so mean!" And in your face, GA bang cookie bites.

angry, upset, or even want to beat him up? these reactions are normal. However, learning is more important than these penalties to stop him this behavior because the back is very harmful to children's development.

experts earlier studies of children, and lists the following six common types of children back, and of course there are coping strategies. Quickly learn a few, to deal with the annoying baby in your family, make him better.

bad manners to talk

friends happily with your son out to dinner and come back, but my friends got annoyed and told you, during the meal, she let your children eat less ice cream, child said: "you are not my mother! don't nag all day!"

coping strategies

must immediately apologize to friends, because it is very impolite words. Then he said to his son: "mother is very disappointed and very angry. Because you say rude things about aunt, so she and I are very sad. "If the son argued that his bad mood today, he said:" I know that when in a bad mood, to be polite is very difficult, but the Elders say such rude things are absolutely not allowed, may not at all times. "And then demanded that he immediately apologized to the aunt. Although you will find that his apology may not be serious and heartfelt, but it was enough to give him a lesson that he must take responsibility for their actions, and let him learn how to compensate for what it does wrong. Maybe he'll make the same mistakes, apologize to him all the time, and he will gradually accept the lesson, not to make.

after the friend left, and talk with the children, told him that when parents other than the elders to let him do something, how do you answer. First to say: "honey, I don't want you to blindly obey their elders, but we could have politely declined. "And then teach him how to do it," you can say, ' I'm sorry, but...... ', or say, ' I'm sorry, but ... ... ' for example, you can say to the coach, ' I'm sorry, coach, but I'm not feeling well, not run around. ' If it is only a matter of personal taste, you can also politely let adults know. For example, you can tell aunt, ' I like that kind of ice cream, seldom able to eat, I had to eat another one. ' "But also suggested children, meal when they are not fit to eat too much ice cream can easily lead to gastroenteritis.

a provocative "why"

many parents put the kids to bed is exhausted after a day, and children and a tough struggle. My friend Linda often complain to me, let his 7-year old son to take a bath is a chore, because his son always says, "why take a shower? I don't want a bath, I don't need to take a shower, I just will not wash!"

coping strategies

experts suggest that, to eliminate child this provocative sentiment, 's shoes to understand his feelings, he said, "honey, I know sometimes is a hard thing to bed" or "open Word textbook is difficult to remember the words, isn't it?" to get his identity for you, and then said to him: "but my dear, that's what you have to do. "In order to avoid such a confrontation, can also be used jokingly said to him:" baby, let us take a look at the speed of how quickly you can go to bed. "And children" race "ran to the small bed. When children are obedient to go to bed, be sure not to forget to give him a tight hug and praised "what a good boy". Children are like small animals, remember your reward for completing a request to him, and will do better next time.

with a dismissive retort

When you tell my 5 year old daughter and it is raining outside, and when you need to bring an umbrella, she squinted at you, turned her eyes saying "whispering sound, I knew that. "And then turned and walked away, leaving you alone in a daze.

coping strategies

you need to immediately call her directly pointed out to her, just her word "whispering sound, I know", and the tone of voice used to hurt someone's feelings, and said after the turn and walk away, not to answer opportunities is also very rude. Such speech and behavior at home is not allowed.

in the next few weeks, boy this unpleasant behaviour may have increased because she tested what you say is true. In these few weeks, once she has a body similar to the rude language, and "I know" similar phrases, or almost arrogant tone, to point out to her directly, and criticism and taught her. After she finds you are indeed serious, will be corrected.

Remember, when you find that children no longer speak in this tone, be sure to praise her: "now feel happy to talk with you more. ”


your 7-year-olds said: "I'm sorry baby, you can't go swimming today, because I want to take you to the dentist. "She barks at you:" you're a liar! I will go swimming! " Angry? absolute. Not normal? No. My friend had was her 8 year old son called "idiot", "liar", "fool" and "stupid". Just because she was unable to open on schedule takes him to the amusement park. When a child tells you when these very disrespectful terms are used, immediately send him to three or more polite words to express his dissatisfaction, I hope the next time you are not satisfied, can think of one of them.

coping strategies

when he said: "you bastard, you have to drive me to the amusement park" when you want to seriously tell him, as he said very rude, you are definitely not taking him to the amusement park. And let him know once he said something like rude things, things you wouldn't do what he wants you to do. Finally, to tell him not to abuse the elders and the children. When you keep telling him swearing is not allowed, and when he could not get what he wants, he will start to behave.

public provocation

When you and 4-year-olds in a barber shop while waiting to give him a haircut, he continued to take candy from the front desk. You tell him not to eat any more, he said: "you can't!"

coping strategies

in order to avoid this behavior, do to avoid losing your temper. To put pressure on him, this will only strengthen his provocations and intensify your quarrel. Instead, for his kind, but let him know you are serious. Let him know that he has reached its limit and can't eat anymore. Said to him: "my dear, the sugar on your hands is the last one. "Then let him choose, is to eat the candy, and put it in his pocket, or kept by you. This will make him feel that you are not ordering him and to ask him to accept your proposal. Maybe he did not understand why people who can't eat sugar, you should tell him: "sugar is for everyone to eat, so each person can only eat a little, must learn to leave others to eat. ”

lack of civility's friends

When you are ready to take the child and his friends go out, you find that kids bag landed on the sofa, when you tell him, he glanced at and then said, "you'll get. "Then swaggered out of the door.

coping strategies

at this time, you cannot drive directly, but to put this kid and he's left with the package at your door. You should take the kids time, is duty-bound to teach children how to be polite, this will deepen your child's impression. If you don't want to be rude to every child's friends for education, or at least should be part of education. As this model for your child, for rude behavior, not only being polite also determined.

intimate Tip: children back to what a

sometimes, the kids talk back is a naughty, but sometimes they vent their upset. Therefore, before dealing with them, parents should tell the child the type of back, then the correct response.

naughty talk back

when such problems occur when children are always, indicated that he knew it was wrong, but he's going to test your patience level. At this time, to direct pointed out that he's wrong, and correct him.

• when the child says "you for me", you should say: "I am your mother, so I want you ... ..."

• when the child says "whispering sound, I knew that. "When you say:" I want you to say: Yes, I know my mother. ”

not happy-talk back

Besides using intemperate language, baby will have exciting emotions. In that case, to appease him, the education he.

when a child says "you're the worst mother in the world! I'll never do any of things you made me do!" When you say: "I know you're angry, so I will wait for you to use good words when speaking to hear you say. ”

when a child says "not fair at all! I hate you!" When you say: "I know what you think is not fair. But say, ' I hate you ' is wrong. ”