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Child resistance to the teacher how to do

Main reasons for resistance of children to teachers are:

1. the child's rebellious serious through the vent dissatisfaction against the family of the teacher

the older kids, curiosity and desire to become stronger and stronger. Some parents and teachers of children to ask very impatient, simply answer their children's questions. Children's needs are not met, to parents of little resistance after several attempts to find, not to mention their parents, not to resist the authoritarian parents, go to teacher so discontent, a stream of vented to the teacher.

2. the teachers ignored or indifferent children, children subject to teacher attention

children in school, apart from academic excellence to him a sense of accomplishment, a teacher's attention and focus are his greatest mental satisfaction. Some children have often met in class the teacher not to question him, he plucked up the courage to speak with a teacher when the teacher is a indifferent look. A child's self-esteem hurt, in order to attract more attention, by conflict with the teacher as a way to achieve the aspirations of noticed.

3. improper teacher education and teaching methods

there are many people who think that, in the course of reform and opening up, education reform is a step slow, regardless of the content of teaching and education methods cannot meet the social demands and needs of the children, this is extreme, but not unreasonable. Some teachers used student label, stereotype on students, student yihaobaihao, bad student nature; some teachers don't know the psychological characteristics and the needs of children, the children made improper too high or too low demand; teacher education simply does not respect children, even children; and so on, will cause the child resistance.

definition: in fact, resistance is hidden behind a number of positive factors. Child's resistance shows that these children have a strong sense of ownership, independence, not bore them all, dependent on others, such a child to "inconsistent" way to maintain mental balance, daring to give vent to their inner dissatisfaction, if properly guided, conflict can also play an active role in it! From the other hand, the child's resistance reflects the irrational side of our teacher education, it will also remind teachers and schools to improve education, more conducive to the development of education and the growth of children. So, how to overcome her resentment in a teacher? Our advice to parents is –

★ respect children, allow the child to express views on schools and teachers. After the resistance had a teacher when the child, first of all in a mild attitude of parents talking with their children, do not create pressure, let the kids loose, free atmosphere to vent discontent against the teacher, the vent can also serve as a balancing role. Provide parents with a pair of ears, listen carefully to, the child will feel that his troubles were respected, it made no secret of his attitude, subject to teacher's reasons. After the child's emotional stability and parents, pros and cons calmly analyze the situation with our children, objective look at the backlash. If the main cause of problems in children, rational use of children to win competitive psychology a bit, helping children realize their mistakes and improve the child's ability to understand their own shortcomings.

★ let children learn empathy, from the teacher's perspective to the questions. As a parent, should not have the child's resistance with a stick and killed, let the child unconditionally and obey the teacher, it will only aggravate the child's resistance. Some parents just stand their kids think, spoil the child, and even blamed teachers with our children, even ran to the school and the teacher had a big fight, the results could be even worse. Children's understanding of sometimes extreme side, it is easy to self centered and only stood in their way of looking at it. At this point, parents learn to develop children's empathy, sometimes also called empathy, in the perspective of the teacher with child, if necessary, can also create scenarios and experience of teacher's emotion and difficulty, so that children learn to be considerate of others, for the sake of others. In that case, can improve the relationship between child and teacher at home, reduce resistance to the teacher. Teaches children to respect teachers and to encourage children to have ideas, good question, not strategic passage ever since silence, therefore, strategies and skills to teach your child about some advice is essential.

★ communication with schools, teachers, and actively cooperate with good teachers to educate children. Some children's performance at school and at home is different. At home and very diligent and polite and obedient, is a well-behaved child, school, depression, love, performed poorly, often criticized by the teacher, often talking back to your teacher. Home-school education differences led to a child of the contrasting personality traits. At this time, parents should take the initiative to communicate with teachers and unemotional, providing teachers with some of the daily performance of children at home, let teachers know about the child's behavior, the other side, has a comprehensive evaluation on children's behavior. Parents need to analysis in education with teacher children's differences on seeking common ground, give the child a close educational values, do not let child loss.