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Children first children's type

Cognitive child  

If the child is cognitive, that is more suitable for the American education law, usually want to treat as friends. Reasoning when communication with the child, not to make the child feel you in the big bullying the small, so that the child would be easier to accept. When you have some ideas or requirements for children, can be consulted in his voice came out, for example, small treasure, MOM think it will do well, did you see? Alternatively, the mothers think it suits you, what do you think of it? In this way, children's ideas will be respected, but also mobilize the enthusiasm of a child the brain thinking.


Meanwhile, cognitive children intrapersonal intelligence is quite strong, so when the children make a mistake, you can say I love, like "you do, mother is sad, very sad". Children see MOM not happy and did not blame him, things on the soul-searching and mistakes to resist the psychological mood and this will decline, the next argument will be smooth, most kids will not quibble about, can effectively avoid conflict between parents. And language must be careful not to use "How can you be so stupid, how can you be so naughty ... ..." such as "your information". Always say "you do, how do I......" that kind of thing, children would be easier to accept.


children encounter setbacks, we want to encourage, rather than mocked, saying "you did very well, Daddy like this you bigger than you!"   Is necessary to timely encouragement, do not say "How can you be so stupid, so little can never do. "This is a big blow to children, forming a child cowardly character.


parents are the first teachers of children life on the road, their most trusted people in this world, love of children is the bounden duty of parents, but how to love, how to teach great stress. In any case, parents should not use irony, sarcastic language and way to hurt children ... ...  

imitation child  


If the child is imitation, imitation of his ability is very strong, as long as he feels funny or interesting things, for better or worse, he can learn, children's Playmate to be chosen carefully and to tell children what is right as soon as possible, is to learn, what is bad, is not to learn. Children at this stage, spend the most time with their parents, so parents should set a good example, don't have a bad performance in front of the children, so that children follow suit. Children usually ask some good performances and encouraging praise to make children good impress to form good habits. Also, give your child reading biographies, historical allusions and allegory, set an example to the children can effectively regulate the behavior of children.

inverse thinking child  


If it is reverse thinking child, good for you, while some of the Children Act different, but he has a strong ability to innovate, has the potential to inventors. Grasp the characteristics of children with the appropriate ways to communicate, then make you headache in the past "love trouble" children can also easily to your planned direction. This kind of child thinking different, often unexpected from us point of view, so that some parents, teachers find it very funny.


in fact, it's just kids and we ordinary people look at things from different angles, does not mean that the child's opinion, wrong. So we parents, and must not immediately scold the child, but when kids look at this point to give understanding and guide. Avoid not respect children of views, forced children obedience adults of mean ......  recommends interactive method: to dared stimulus let children to instead direction to   (as, you not do this pieces thing, not because you didn't want to do, but because you fundamental do not to)  ; to points of way give award, reached give award or gift, instead is give punishment, because children like competition and challenge; and children consultations developed a reasonable of management award approach, to inspired children of power.


children have no adult concept of an inch, there are often lazy, slacking off or pull occurs, which requires parents to observe the child, understand them, and come up with practical ways to help your child set up time, cherish the time good habits in order to study and life challenges positively ... ...

Open the child  


If is open type of children, is you of children has open thinking and large absorption of capacity, like sponge sucking water General, can large of Professor children various knowledge, don't fear children absorption can't, also don't fear children too small, will feel tired, normal situation Xia children will is easily of absorption, and digest large knowledge of (I yiqian test had of children in the this type of children now are in while learn several extracurricular class, and are learn have good, also not was hard, Their acceptance is very high for all kinds of things from childhood); 0-10 is your child's key base period, this stage of training of children is of special importance, the disadvantage of this type of child is learning initiative, is a passive learning. Works better if accompanied by parents, one to one counselling. If you develop the strength, breadth is not enough, the child's potential is being wasted, on the contrary, many children's intelligence and skills can have considerable development.