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Dialogue with children, make three

Kids these days, that kind of formality not 560 inward-looking. They are subjected to the influence of the reform and opening up, well-informed, innovative thinking, exposed, lively and cheerful, quick reaction, not timid in front of parents, silence, but thought I'd say, and say just do it. Therefore, the dialogue with the child needs to pay attention to it, specifically, make three passes. 


a, focus on parents ' personality style, 


in the family, everything should be based on the parents ' personality, because tutor force can only come from live source of personality, any inflexible rule is no substitute for a parent's personality. To this end, the dialogue with the child to do so with a smile, graceful, polite, open-minded and respectful humility, speak well, mannered. This is the prerequisite for dialogue air, to remove nervous apprehension of child psychology, and let the child feel that you are the elders, and kindly mentor. It not only makes the dialogue in an atmosphere of freedom, relationships and emotions intermingle unconsciously done. 


dialogue is serious, without a smile, a straight face assumed a sitting posture, or with an aggressive attitude, will make the child away, fear, appeared flustered, jams, hurt the heart, emotional exchange and communication will become empty words. Even if you use 1000 care 10,000 care also makes children unhappy. 


Second, as far as possible to the child appreciates 


appreciation for children, family education basic education in arts, dialogue in the most cost-effective, risk, at least, the most willing to be accepted by children of a skill. Parents should be good at picking up this "weapon" in children focused on appreciation of the issues, more generous and less stingy. Like, in favour of children talk of views on points nodded motioned, or said a sound "on" "is interesting" "really good"; on children statement has interest Shi on slightly a laugh, and give appropriate of evaluation, as with "is such" "has truth" "feasible", words be certainly; if appeared funny scenes is drum applauded took clap your hands...... Through appreciation, children can get a satisfied feeling and encouragement, enthusiasm, induce his self-worth, develop self-confidence and self-esteem, often bring joy to dialogue and cooperation, and bring happiness to the family. 


much appreciated in dialogue, and his father build a bridge of communication between mother and daughter, children naturally as most close to you and trust of the people, he will talk with you about ideas, gossip, talk about ideals, learning, feelings and your education is acceptable. Once the baby is receiving your positive education, get smart, civilized manners.


dialogue with children with appreciation for naughty children is especially important, because naughty children heart most in need of respect and trust, appreciated immediately after his demand impulse and move into action. So, parents wit and keen appreciation of betting with children's eyes, conveying its appreciation for information in a timely manner, so as to stimulate him psychologically positive feedback, to ensure the quality of the dialogue, promote the transformation of education, achieve the goal of education. 


psychological research shows that, in meeting the physical needs of man, then, is the most essential needs of human nature is the desire to be appreciated. For a child, a successful experience is more important than the experience of failure. On the spiritual life, and every young life has come to Earth in order to get appreciation, who is not to catch it alive. So, give the child appreciates the more important than giving children money. 


three, good to listen to children 


be good at listening to the views of children, is whether families are important symbols of democracy, is the ability of parent education reflected source of dialogue for educational information. No matter where and what is the dialogue we want to listen to the child's statement, from the child's speech sound out of family education and other views and opinions about subconscious de cavity of heart, found the child's requirements and interests, find solutions, develop ways and means of self, beyond the self. For example, children need study materials is to buy his own or parents to accompany him, or parents buy instead of him, prior to seeking the views of children, buying clothes and other daily necessities as well. 


of particular note is, children sometimes complaining to my parents in the dialogue, vent, angry and emotional, verbal excess, no less a sense of propriety, and parents to be patient, let he poured, or allow him to moderate vent anger. Don't argue or blame, or impatient, or jump to conclusions. Doing so will add fuel to the inspire contradictions, confrontation is not conducive to dialogue and hurt feelings and will tarnish the image of parents. 


all in all, tutoring is a science and an art, only the high-quality parents, will have a high quality of children.