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Divergent thinking and writing conception

Intent of the composition are determined by thinking the topic or main idea of the article, is the key to the success of the article. Intent of the essay is the outward expression of thought, is the crystallization of human mental activity. Students to write a good essay, often because the narrow-minded, barely write articles in thousands, are the same. The reasons, mainly because of the shows fall into the cliché, a lack of new ideas. So we must improve the innovation ability of students ' conception of composition, and improve innovative ability should strengthen the cultivation of creative thinking ability from origin. Creative thinking ability of divergent thinking is at the core, by combining many ways of thinking of a complex thinking activities. Creative thinking is not born, it is necessary to develop.

so-called composition of divergent thinking in conception, is based on the topic or material, from different angles, different point and different aspects of thinking, different approach, and choose the best intent of the article. Divergent thinking conception of metaphor: topic or material for a glowing light, thinking as a divergent light beam, for each beam are according to the conception of surrounding objects. So many good intentions exist, through the beam thinking to explore them. For students, different life experiences, knowledge, there are individual differences, so the student writing at the conception of different. Use of divergent thinking, and enable students to find their own approach, which lay a solid foundation on which to write a good article can say that divergent thinking is creative thinking is typical of them. Thinking does not spread, it does not have real ability, would be unable to truly innovate. Now let's look at the divergent thinking pattern of thought, its purposive method using a flow chart as follows:

in 2004  Hebei province during the exam essay entitled How to articles using divergent thinking conception. In the original materials, if the use of divergent thinking, will form some conception. From Eagle point of conception of the mother of young eagles training practices for: children not spoiling, children should be allowed to stand from emotional point of conception for young eagles: forced exercise, eventually learn skills and self-reliance, understand and prove the the older generation is their well intentioned; from the perspective of young eagles accept exercise intentions: adversity to become. But often in composition in the examination room to see such a situation, some students were frowning, searching is still not free, works hard, the article boring, people could not bear to read; and some students like Evans waves as it tries to write in a stirring to life. Should say the same in high school, their life experiences, difference between knowledge structure is not too far away. Former latter articles are often lament: "I know, but can't remember. "In fact, the former student's problems are not good at Lenovo; after that students typically have a strong ability, good at the" from here "to mobilize knowledge about memory storage.

here we try to "wind" examines the conception of the topic.

topic composition in the imaginative composition is to a large extent, associative composition. Around the "wind" done a reasonable amount of Association and imagination. What is a reasonable, is the subject of the article cannot be separated from the wind, figment of the imagination. Must first think of all the wind from origin, shape, character, role and history about the wind allusions and idioms as the saying goes in search of wind shadow and verve.

[angle] natural wind

(1) the description of wind or the natural beauty or evil, express their feelings or love or hate (scenery objects, lyrical, lyrical prose)

(2) introduce the knowledge of wind, or description or imagined   about how to use the wind for the benefit of mankind (dominated by description, and description. Science and technology exposition, and scientific essays, fiction)

a, wind is a gift of nature is punished by natural

b, weathering, and typhoons, sandstorms, United States-Hurricane Katrina-how to get along with people and nature, emphasizing the wind bring disaster, contact problems of the times. If I can paint the wind

c, wind--nature of the four seasons

d, storm-the-face, the courage to overcome setbacks

e, nature artist (Cook caramel)--the Earth and the ups and downs of charm, elegant charm. Such as waves, floating leaves, clouds, shakes and more.

f, weathered, wind erosion of enlightenment--NIP objectives. Ordinary people pay more attention to its violent side, while ignoring its fortitude and resilience. In life, stitch, goals, success can be achieved.

every coin has two sides, to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, and make the rich spirit of transformation and activism. Gentle, life-giving spring breeze and rain, sandstorms have different effects. To the wind and waves, sought to take the initiative to harness and use. Contact life and deepening the social topics.

g learn Hung Ming lantern and circumstance-to create conditions for success

h, causes: air flow of natural phenomena, odourless and invisible, but production and origin of deep natural – it's in laws. Anything that appears to be confusing itself does not have a clear, and people through scientific ways of thinking to understand the problem, resolve the doubts. To have an inquisitive mind and sense of doubt, by rational thought and science, Debunking modern society staged a lot of myths in the scam, fighting and illegal deeds all demagoguery.

I, mobility, flexibility-mannered on occasion act according to circumstance, occasion. Aesthetic charm symbolizes the free and easy, free. Practice on practical problems, can also be done from the spiritual sublimation.

j, personality and life energy. Its presence there will always be some form of. Nature of risks, the Tao Yunfei, all of his whereabouts. Dare to be yourself in the real life, uphold justice but at the same time the dialectical analysis, first life energy reserves, to articulate deep to avoid get rid of light jump move. Can be argumentative, can also have a say on the one hand, strengthening, innovative.

k, the same wind, from different sources, different in nature. Wind from the sea and the wind is markedly different from the desert, as far as I could see, and have different effects. In a sense, society and the environment in which we live is everywhere or culture of good or bad, accept the influence will be planning to air mass, specific culture, or good or bad influence also affect others. So you want to own the environment and growth, and even their knowledge structure, mode of thinking sense of reflection and critical spirit, independent thinking, understand the limitations of everything, constantly away by a permanent impulse, not blind and superstitious. Taking on social responsibility, to lead the trend of the times, new times spirit and life.

breeze – l, moisten things silently, unknown people

[angle II] community wind

(3) description high winds or defect in the community, praise good deeds good wind tour, exposing huairenhuaishi corrupt morals

(4) comments on the society's good wind or wind of bad   good evil   (service plus, and dominated by discussion on   of argumentation)

a, wind, gas, ancient Qi Yu God, so-called solar terms, momentum, demeanor, style, are used to describe a person from the inside out, from God to shape the unique character and ethos. Throughout history many people even hermit with this type of character and temperament. Written: wind of Tao Yuanming's hermit, Su's heroic style of Li Bai's elegant style of Du Fu's thoughts of the wind, Wei-Jin demeanor of the character, and so on. Can write something, write can be connected.

b wind, civilized fashion, style of study, student, uniform agitation of the wind blowing the Earth warm room

c, gift-giving style, corruption, and popular style of ****, and chivalrous wind of wind, wave of hype, blind conformity

d, with wind of belief

e, the background to the wind, I do not know the source –

f, multi-pronged wind |--innovation, go ahead

g, liquid, without the fetters-the pursuit of wild and free life, free like the wind (buweiwudoumizheyao of Tao Yuanming and powerful thing, so that I may not be happy beauty of Li Bai)

h, the wind never stops--in human history forever forward (from the late warring States period wind rustling the easy water cold Jing Ke, Gale cloud flies when the Han emperor Liu Bang, and night bedroom listening to the wind and rain of Lu you in Southern Song dynasty)

people continue to grow


I, lives in the wind--the wind cloud flies when Liu Bang, and rain last night, the gust \ sound sleep did not dispel the wine say not deadly brand, rolling West wind, than yellow thin \ three glasses of two wine, how the enemy he Xiao wind yianjushi, from wine awake? Willow Bank, month of \ Frost wind chill, and Guan he left out, setting sun when the property < eight Ganzhou > Liu Yong, high wind days ape &#8226;&#8226;, and Builder of homes with millions of rooms, large shelter all world's poor gentles all smile, trials and immovable as mountains of Du Fu's poems

any material may be ambiguous, so conception is more than a point. Composition materials, topic has its basic meaning, but around this basic meaning can lead us to many related conception, divergent thinking we used to consider the idea, you can find your very own composition from multiple conception theme, the pen can be under gangjumuzhang.

as the Tao xingzhi said: everything is created, are created every day, when everyone is creative. Students ' creative thinking is not something that can be formed, but by consciously develop and form for a long time, usually. The usual teaching, teachers should know how to create a variety of problem situations, meet the requirements of different students, to motivate students to positive thinking and action, give full play to students ' principal role and make enough to create space for our students.