Tianjin tutor

Excellent top ten conditions parents

(A)   parents have to learn to take it.

no matter how anxious, what kind of situation occurs, parents should calm calm heart.  

(b) unconditional love children.

love should be unconditional, but now a lot of parents love their children but added conditions to link love and learning, good link love and even disobedient and obedient love link, this is wrong.

(c) principle.

parents for their children's education and the principles of management are not unconditionally obedient children. Wrong must not do, there is no room to negotiate, let the children know the bottom line for parents, committed to be punished.

straighten out the relationship with the child.

(d) the love of learning.

learning is not the patent of children, parents must study. By learning can improve their level of knowledge, ideas, and set a good example for their children. Role of examples is endless, children will be interested in learning, not exclusion. Parents can also share happiness with their children can study on a subject to discuss, improve emotional communication with their children.

(v) to divert attention.

parents should respect children on the personality, the ability to help children. Some parents are all on the child, because the child, son of pressure more, kids, the more chances of success small. Some parents will not divert attention, hope to all children, and some even lost all his work, the result is often counterproductive.

(f) often encourage and praise your child.

now a lot of parents are aware of this, but still to no avail. Praise and encouragement to the two principles: seeking truth from facts and grasp a sense of propriety. Not unprincipled to "praise" children, it may make children proud, conceited.

(VII) transfer of power.

child by the children call the shots. Parents can do is to teach children, parents ' views only as a child of an option. If they choose wrong, he will pay the price for their choice, it will make children cautious next time you select, then he will be considered, more mature.

(VIII) learn to smile.

pigments and color children Council notes, if parents all day with a straight face, the child will be very nervous. You know in a State of relaxed and happy, things work best. So parents should learn to smile, it also infects a family. While children do to time smiling, calmly smiling when you did something wrong.

(I) with the kids.

with their children does not simply mean that infants in child done, is when children grow up to do this, don't think that learning or the play's all about children. Parents do their children's learning partners and playmates, it makes children feel the love, but love is powerful, and can have a very strong sense of responsibility and a lot of aggressive power.

(j) harmonizing relations between the children.

think kids bad, mostly believe that children learn well, but there is no analysis of why study well. Children learn well because children have no interest in learning, why kids have no interest? Because schools and parents nurtured their children's interest in learning. Therefore parents straighten out the relationship with the child is important.