Tianjin tutor

"Good family" gave birth to three children good character

You want the kids to have a good personality, the personality is formed? As a parent, what should be noted in the mould a child's character?

"the family is the plant, which makes human character", form a family environment for the child's character has a particularly important role. Want our children to have a good personality, parents should give their children home to create a warm and harmonious.

1. atmosphere:

harmony, mutual respect, mutual understanding and mutual support of family atmosphere, has a positive impact on a child's character. In contrast, the parents argue, barriers, mistrust and even broken (divorced parents or parents deceased) family, juvenile crime rate is high.

2. family structure:

studies have shown that children from two generations of families in curiosity, persistence, partner prestige, human relations and work attitudes are better than children from three families.

mainly with three generations of family to children spoiled and so on.

3. the status of children in the family:

the special status of the only child at home, easy for them to form a wayward, uncaring, selfish, bad behavior. But if you consciously correct guidance, also can make them respect teachers and caring fellow, food, labour, good character.

in addition, the parent culture, occupation, family economic status on children's character also has some influence.