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Goody into a "naughty" reasons

Baby becomes more and more naughty and what's going on? To find reasons for it!

attracting more attention to learn the power of growth to justify their

baby's life experience is not rich, began some of the body, then he can't make everyone determines his ability, but he really wants to let people know he is really great, but MOM and dad as well as the rest of the family was always enough attention to their ability, how can I get someone's attention? Babies through a number of tests, they found that when their mother and father do when MOM and Dad's eyes together on myself for the longest time, so he finally summed up: Oh! Resistance can let MOM and dad feel terrific! He really enjoyed the scenes that were concerned because of the revolt, even get a hit is worth it! Baby uncertainty worries to yourself by becoming a problem child for everyone to determine his identity, everyone admitted his forces. Babies are very smart too!

lack of adequate communication

during this period of development, lack of sufficient communication between children and their parents, are often children don't obey an important source. As a child grows, increasing knowledge, they know a lot of truth and knowledge, independence has been enhanced, if parents see children as there is nothing to understand, every tube, parents of children are reluctant to follow instructions, but according to their own will. When children don't obey it, parents tend to think of myself as the head, does not allow our children to have a different point of views, children feel their parents should not interfere too much, have the freedom to act on its own authority, and the lack of sufficient communication, so children will show resistance to the parents and disobedient.

rebel's arrival also means the arrival of independent

children get rid of dependence, in the process of becoming independent, in order to seek or to protect evolving, fragile "self" to defeat and eliminate what they see as against external forces, often there will be some unreasonable resistance. The words of their parents, rightly or wrongly, a blanket exclusion, only to revolt and resistance, there is no appropriate and valid reason, which is independent of the child's performance.

suffered a setback

children suffered a setback in or outside the family, also can have adverse psychological reactions, not listen to others ' criticism or persuasion, not see the essence of setbacks and cling to adhere to their own practices, and opinionated. Or even know is wrong rather than corrected, knowingly.

for all of these reasons, as a result, children in order to display a sense of independence, education for adults, the opposite. What adults say, did not do as adults, and adults called him to the East, he would go West, call him up, he will lean towards the next. Anyway's intent is to have children do, children would not do. This is also called "reverse psychology".