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How parenting psychology

Many young parents often complain that their children don't obey: you can't touch this thing, he insisted on going to touch you say vegetable nutrition, eat, the more you speak the more he does not eat, and so on, really helpless. This phenomenon is called reverse psychology in psychology.

reverse psychology is that under certain conditions, individual mental and external requirements or wishes of reverse psychology. Reverse psychology in everyone, but children's psychology has its own unique performance. Children the development of self-awareness, initiative and stronger, requirements and arrangements for adults, showed increasing selectivity, like independence, willing to go it alone. If the parents are not very good at treating, he tends to be the reverse.

at present, the early childhood family education in the methods exist on many issues, such as:

1. Many young parents are unaware of the child's age and developmental level, the demands on children is too high, make overweight children suffer learning tasks; don't know there are many potentials for development and qualification of the child, with a wide range of interests and hobbies, early orientation for their children, prematurely forcing children to engage in long periods of professional training.

2. Some parents angry, scolding the children, or stand, made to kneel, even by children outside; some parents, in contrast, overly pampered children, all child-centered, like clay, children could have been well completed task alone, but about half a day, or even replace it.

child psychology, and can say that these educational defects caused by upbringing and means violation of the child's nature, must cause a child resistance, confrontation and rebellious.

child psychology, the inculcation of the parents with good intentions, are ineffective preventive measures will not succeed; willingness to take much of the throat, as well as understanding. In a nutshell, the high education of parents, as have the less effective or futile and even counterproductive.

child's rebellious reaction, many people feeling impatient, gruff manner and taken over. But the more you want to crush the boy, and she refuses to accept the more pressure, and often their reluctance, confrontations ensue. Therefore, the child's rebellious note method.

1. Cooling method. When the child psychology, when emotion stirred, parents not angry, not zhenjianduimaimang, by willful caprice, or fire. Correct way is to cold, ignored his self-indulgence. When the children cry when as a weapon to threaten, not melted, you can let him cry for a while, he calmed down induced by re-education.

2. Warm method. Parents should respect, understanding, caring, encouragement and trust their children, often communicating with him, as his close friends. Once he has made small progress, affirm, encourage.

3. Stimulation. To master children's aggressive mentality, using reverse psychology to motivate him. If consciously say you can't dress, don't you? You're not saying polite words, isn't it something to stimulate him.

4. Mental health law. Help them objectively understand ourselves, overcome the subjective and one-sided understanding, developing good emotion and exercise will, enhance self control, and promote the development of children's mental health.

psychological research and practice shows that psychology notwithstanding the prejudice to the physical and mental development of children, but also contained many positive elements. Among the more notable are:

1. Reverse psychology on the other hand reflects the strong sense of self, Yoshikatsu heart is strong, brave, aggressive and, seeking, positive mental qualities such as innovation.

2. Strong rebellious children, in bad cases, in times of anger, depression, frustration, dare to vent, will not let unpleasant things the long stay in the heart and to prevent shrinking, weak, depressed, conservative, resigned and other negative psychological quality formation.

therefore, the parents have to find positive factors in children's psychology, and guide, to good use. This way, you can bring children into creative thinking, pioneering and enterprising talent needed in modern society.

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