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How to develop students ' initiative learning good habits

World renowned psychologist William James said: "sow an Act, reap a habit sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny. "Habits have a powerful force that can dominate a person's life.

adolescence is the most critical period of life, so we want to nurture students with good study habits. Related data show that the quality of learning, 20% and mental factors, 80% and faith, will, habits, interests, personality and so on non-intelligence factors, which used to occupy an important position. At all times and make a difference, and all have good habits. My Luve is like 13 years of juvenile students entering the University of science and technology, he knows Chinese characters, memorize English words, every day 10, even the relatives never stopped, in one year, will remember that more than more than 3,000 Chinese characters and English words. This is the quantification of his study habits. Single-minded when he was studying, playing relaxed fun, highly self-conscious, and never need to be reminded, but do not need to be forced. Of course, not every student is born "loving" learner, educators to develop students ' initiative learning good habits. So, how to cultivate this kind of initiative to learn good habits?

first of all, to let students as their own learning, fostering active learning good habits.

to allow students to learn as their own, independent, serious and solid foundation ready to learn everything you should do, solve every problem encountered in the study, handling every detail about the study, does not need to be reminded, and self-management.

Heyrovsky Connaught Bell Prize in chemistry winner, at the time of a child, one day  , and he came home from school, long face, eating clouds. Mother found that he was not happy and asked him how he was, he said: "no, teacher a question I did wrong, now find me right where it is. "After dinner, he began to think that the wrong problem. When sister brother is playing the game. After a while, his younger brother comes knocking, invited to play with him, he said to work the problem out. After a while   sister invited him to play together, he still calculus topics. Sister enthusiastically said, "or I'll help you work it out, so that you can play with us. "He said:" no, sister. Or should I do it by myself. "And sure enough, he was soon made to subject. Play games and happy brother and sister. Heyrovsky grew up as my learning thing, serious attitude towards learning is especially admirable.

we teachers are supposed to use some to take learning seriously, impressive and touching story, asked the students to study as their own thing, to independent, serious, solid and ready to learn everything, in order to develop students ' initiative learning good habits.

Secondly, the need to allow students to learn and thirst and fostering active learning good habits.

students form learning thirst needs, develop anytime, anywhere as long as there is little time to study harder. Great writer and thinker, revolutionary, Lu Xun in China, for example, he is someone for coffee time on reading. He added that time is like the water in the sponge, as long as they wish always crowded.

then look at the winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics for Fermi, I love reading, acceptance is so strong that school curriculum could "feed the hungry" him. He went to look for "snacks"-books to read. He used to go to Piazza, and gathered many "treasures", buy a lot of physics book to read. One day he brought back on the two books of the physics and mathematics, he told her, he would read these two books at once. Read exciting, he told himself: "this book is so interesting, you can't imagine......" his spirit of hard work, to learn and to grow, neighbor Professor Amedee was deeply moved. Professors like him and see that he is a "good". Often appear above the Fermi level of the topics he doesn't hope he answers them all. But Fermi always answers them all, often pestered the Professor out of some of the more difficult questions "satisfied," Professor he is not solving the problem to Fermi. A miracle happened, Fermi's answer actually comes out! Professor appreciated him, gave him all the relevant physical and mathematical books in reasonable order one at a time to learn from him. He was like a fish in water, and constitutes a swim in an ocean of knowledge of physics and mathematics. Professor's carefully nurtured and helped, Enrico Fermi high school graduate with the knowledge and deep insight into.

in fact, a student only if the need for hunger, he would never complain about not enough time, because wherever you go, as long as there is free, he first thing you think of is always learning. So you can use your spare time, take the initiative to learn, take the initiative to seek and find the learning resources you are interested in, any difficulty to active learning challenge.

again, to let students adjust their learning, fostering active learning good habits.

in the process of learning, the learning levels of students in a changing, students ' interests and preferences are constantly changing. But students ' learning environment, was not decided by the students. When a student complained when their environment is unfair, his attention in all likelihood have been away from the learning itself, his abilities would be a waste of complaining. Our students to correct evaluation and examination of these areas, to ensure that the level and quality of students ' learning, is more important to ensure that learning in the right direction, to make students adjust their behavior to adapt to different circumstances and needs.

for example, Japan a famous Nobel Laureate in chemistry Fukui modest, his family was well-off, he is an only child, his father hopes. When his chemistry exam, once again failed, he is at a loss, wrestling for a whole afternoon, told my father said, "Dad, I don't want to read, I may not be reading material ... ..." "kid, whatever you do, you must read. Without reading, you have no culture, and nothing can be done later. No matter what you do, there might be setbacks. Not always back down, it must be brave enough to face and overcome it, can go beyond. "Patiently taught his father, he said," son, you have to remember-there is no one higher than the mountain, no more than a foot long way. "Father said touched him. He said trying to learn, and develop learning plans, arrange learning time, up from scratch. Efforts a month test is failed. But he did not lose heart, to continue their efforts to test again, he finally passed. After half term, his grades soared. He became a representative of the subject of the second period, and took part in the competition.

a father can rein in their children's learning behavior   I think we teachers should do the student's work in this area, students encounter difficulties when stick, form a good habit of active learning.

Finally, to enable students to correctly deal with the help of others, thereby fostering active learning good habits.

students often complain about their own learning well because teachers and parents helped enough, or not to his tutor or something like that. In fact, if a bit more careful, you can find more good students, more people with ideals, needed less help to others directly, they more they immersed in study. Help others, they mainly provide different information, broaden their field of vision.

famous natural scientists, Albert Einstein, entered initially in the field of natural science, one are important to him, he is from the Russian college student taermei. Is his natural science Hall opened its doors the first keys to Einstein. That makes the book of sacred geometry of Einstein's life is given to Einstein. At first, taermei always with Einstein about mathematical problems, the talk caused Einstein to mathematical interest. Get tired of boring teaching methods in schools Einstein up taught himself calculus. Medical student taermei is no match for Albert Einstein mathematics soon after, but he still enthusiastically provide Einstein introduced popular science books and philosophy.

thus, for the brightest minds, the most effective approach is often not directly to teach them how to learn. Most helpful is the ability to inspire them to think of information and resources.

in addition to the above points out, teachers also have to cultivate students ' indomitable courage. Clever men is not much in life, but very few winners, the reason, most people just don't have courage to face setbacks, so once the students have difficulties, when faced with setbacks in learning, teachers should encourage students, let them have the courage to overcome the difficulties and setbacks of courage and confidence, proactive and make good grades.