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How to encourage children to study hard

Should not say: the study is the first, and not relax at any time!

you should say: work hard, but also pay attention to the body.

you should not say: the title again, as long as spending more time, we will be able to work it out.

you should say: work hard is a good thing, but to lose, don't let yourself get too tired.

learn, play, health, is as important for children

a friend, about his father, have lamented the father of the great influence. In fact is just a normal thing to say.

his father usually busy and had no time to manage him. Once his father occasionally sit, talking to him, finally said so: "I haven't you, me, and secondly I think you very hard, work well. However, should also pay attention to work and rest, not to bring down the bodies. ”

this friend was a freshman, on the results, usually playing special crazy. Through his father's words, he felt guilty, but I feel an absolute trust. He secretly told myself: must not live up to his father's trust and attention. In fact, he later also did this.

touch a word person, affects a person, change a person, not a fantasy. The lives of many children, perhaps because parents ' words and unexpected change.

learning problems has been a knot of parents and children. Parents see only children who always worried about poor grades by their parents scold. Parents want children to learn in the first place, while children in addition to learning, and fun.

children are most often heard Word: "homework! "The study really important to that point, preferring to children's health and happiness for you?

each of them came from childhood, should be able to understand the nature of kids fun.

for kids, fun and healthy just like learning is important. A healthy body and have fun easier, there's room to learn well. Health is the capital, having fun is relaxing. Parents need to understand this. Don't scold the child "you gave me."

Let the child encouragement

feel the caring

since the parent is to encourage children to learn, so there must be no hope kids hate learning.

but think about it, children go home every day to hear parents say: "study hard now! "Heart is very tired! He would think the parents care about learning, don't care about him. This time, he is fond of learning, where would it?

encourage children to learn, first of all to give him enough credit, thinks he can do better, followed by his abilities, in addition to learning to combine their actual, not too hard, not too hard to get. Children hear parents say, is not only to encourage, and most genuine concern from relatives, it will make him feel warm. Learn also brought pressure on him and therefore dissolved.

encourage children to learn

to vary

of course, encourage children to learn, it is not a truth will work, depending on specific situations.

some kids play, mischievous, parents have to make. Kids are tired, you can say to him: "a break, to do homework, finish their homework, can have more fun. ”

some children within, or poor grades, home only to bury every day, parents must find a way to let him play with other children, or take him out and let him ease the psychological burden of learning. Kids finish their homework, you can say to him: "now the homework, you can go out and play for a while, let the brain rest, so tomorrow will have the spirit to learn new lessons. "Or:" learning is important, but not so hard, we are not anxious, a little bit. The play, learn. To turn learning into a happy thing. ”