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How to get children through rebellious periods

Many parents found that child on the junior high school special for disobedience, love to quarrel with bickering and let him he went west to the East, reverse psychology is particularly strong, parents more resistance, repression, more discontent and more resistance will cause the child, then as a parent, how to deal with children this resistance to a better arrangement?

  actually, in children of growth process in the, will appeared two a against period, in children three or four age of when, they will to towards self advocates, to get activities of free, like "let I himself wear clothes, let I himself walk" and so on, children in second against period of independent requirements is is comprehensive of, is children physiological development and psychological development dramatic changes of period, children of independent consciousness and adult consciousness began awakening, strongly desire out parents of bound, In accordance with their intentions and act independently. When a child in primary school when you went to pick him up, children see you very happy, will come with your intimacy. Children Shang has junior high school, you also to received he, children most will not acting you, or Board with a face, with students continues to talk, think you like Sidekick as followed in next, to he shame, even will think you in secretly track he, children in second against period of rebellious compared strong, due to children "adult sense" of formed, they requirements has and adults quite of social status and decision power, against in home of dependent status, more against parents Authority type of interference, on existing social status of desires discontent, Children will highlight adults in the sense that there are a lot of clash began on the natural world, social thinking, interpersonal issues, and formed its own points of view. Due to the limitations of their thinking levels, its concept is childish, show subjective, biased, absolute. They do not understand why an adult mind and alien to them, even against parents who impose their ideas.

  the same time, they are unable to control their mood swings. Child Physiology caused by the accelerated development does not apply to physical and mental development of a voice do not balance their lack of preparation conditions, facing many contradictions and confusion, the emerging "trouble", often puts him in anxiety in the background, encountered discontent and grievances, and prone to sudden emotions get out of control. If the parent is also consistent with past simple even harsh treatment would only provoke more strong rebellious ideas, ways and means of how parents should help children through the rebellious times?

first, give the child an equal say, listen, no matter what children, parents should react positively, not random accusations or hasty comments, do not harm the child's self-esteem, respect for the child's personality in order to better emotional communication with their children.

Second, let the children put into practice, let the child practice more effective than verbal orders, son tanmai see watermelon watermelon, for instance, want to buy, the father said: "too far from home, back too hard, or not. "Son not happy:" I bought watermelons you don't buy, you like my study, I don't study hard. "The father thought, said to his son:" buy watermelon can, do you want to take home. "Son hold buy watermelons go soon too tired to sweat, break a few times before you get the watermelon home all the way. This experience lets children deep feelings: "eating a watermelon is really not easy! "Experience the father's efforts.

Finally, too many parents do not interfere with the child's behavior, it should be straightforward to express your concerns and worries, let children understand a parent's care, such as late school children this kind of thing, some parents when children came home, about face, a good scolding, ordered don't come home late. Such an approach was too impatient, not only will the children do not experience parental love, and instead produce resistance to parents, believe that fuss, it tube too wide. While some parents will try to suppress anger, calmly asked the reason, and because they do not know why you are late, I was very worried, very worried, hope you can stand on a parent's perspective, experience parental love and not easy to come back later. Believe that after listening to this sensible child will bring unrest to their late parents feel guilty about remorse, parental interference will not produce anti-matter and resistance.