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How to let children take full advantage of learning resources

In General, good grades child always good to explore can make use of learning resources, make full use of all available conditions for growth of knowledge and information. Everyone has limited resources, how to fully utilize the limited resources gain some wisdom and talents around, is an important part of learning strategies. As child of the stage, learning tools and learning resources for human resources are essential to their learning, learn effective use of these resources is very important for the child throughout life. So, exactly how to use these resources?

1. Utilization of reference books

reference books are children learning when "silent teachers" "desk consultant. "It includes dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, and indexes, and so on. When you help your child select books, pay attention to choose the latest version and the authoritative publishers or authors, to ensure that scientific knowledge and time. When children are using reference books, one needs to understand and be familiar with retrieval methods, two reference book is to pay attention to the information in context, read in conjunction with the books.

3. Library use

library is a vast repository of knowledge. Thus the children into the library is, first of all to learn according to the catalog needed to check out books. Retrieves a variety of ways, such as search and search by title or author, title or author search by stroke, or search by pinyin. Reading in the library, to prompt the child's attention to reading notes and abstract.

4. Utilization of resources

help your child use materials are, pay attention to the selected material should be fine rather than hybrid; coincide with the child's learning content strong pertinence; commensurate with the child's current level of preparation method to clear; with a certain authority. And tell the children the proper use of resources, and to pay attention to providing teaching; selective reference to important content, not through learning; you don't understand places, against other references, or a teacher, or discuss with other students.

5. The use of radio and television  

radio and television entertainment not only for children, can increase his knowledge and broaden his horizons. But bearing in mind that the selectively tuned in, such as news commentary on general knowledge, science and technology, Military, art appreciation lectures, computer world and English and so on. Also, strictly control the timing, can make a program of continuous learning watch one or two critical content, such as news feeds, talk in English or computer world.  

6. Computer and network use  

computer use can not only make children growth of computer technology knowledge, computer skills, and also helps the curriculum of each subject of study. It can be used as teaching tools and learning tools such as, lets kids select from some computer-aided teaching software, preview, review the classroom knowledge or you can use some of the tools in the computer software (such as word processing, spreadsheets, brush, and some high-level programming languages) acquiring and processing information, solve problems, and to express his own ideas. But pay attention to the effect of computer games, as a reward for children to learn, but do not let it play.   Is worth mentioning is that computer networks also provide the children learn a broad prospect. Can explore and learn about the information on the Internet, such as the 101 network, child online, Heng Wan network, as well as some famous middle school's Web page. Designed specifically for children in the education network provides the latest information and guidance. These educational network through general search engines (such as Sohu, etc) to do that. Go online, to help children with a certain purpose, must not let its unlimited roaming into the Baoshan come, on the other hand, should pay attention to its use of navigation tools to guide his search for information, process, not be isotropic.  

7. Teacher's help  

teachers are not only a knowledge base, but also the child's learning guide and facilitator. So, except teacher of taught yiwai, children once has what questions cannot answers, best to teacher ask, worth note of is, teacher does not must can gives satisfaction of answers, but this and no relationship, a a people impossible what thing are know, addition, teacher of answers and does not necessarily is on of, teacher also just from a angle starting see things, also only representative a understanding, so, don't let children too superstition teacher of authoritative. Teachers is the key of knowledge, problem solving, and learning methods of inspiration.  

8. &Nbsp cooperation and discussion among students;

students cooperate with mutual inspiration, and discussion will help reach a comprehensive understanding of things. Students there are many forms of cooperation, one or both teams learn the same content, discussions, question and answer each other; another is parties or groups together to accomplish a single task. In addition, students can also peer tutoring. Dang children himself not understand Shi, can ask has lane understand has of students, due to students Zhijian background knowledge same, students according to himself of understanding by for of counselling may than teacher better understand; Dang children himself lane understand has and others not understand Shi, can encourages its active counselling others, this just a pay, while also can let children himself has harvest, often is both benefit. Because, to counseling others, children must be clear, and also organize language to express their own thoughts. There is no doubt that this will help the children deepened understanding of the content.