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Principles of learning strategy training

In mentoring children in the learning process, often have many parents put their children in learning difficulties due to the lack of capacity, when in fact, their problem is that no one has ever taught them how to learn. One study found that in other countries, an elementary school teacher just around 3% time to give advice to your children some memory and comprehension strategies. Therefore, children often do not have the necessary strategies to learn complex material. For example, when teachers had to require children to the material for analysis in order to answer it, children to record every word the teacher's speech is not much use. Also, children learn a variety of different learning strategies are not enough, they have to learn how and when to use these tactics, and willing (motivation) to use them. For example, some children before taking the exam, read two or three books, the results unsatisfactory results. They think they know everything, but I do not know what method is used to test whether they really understand, just finished, and they knew that they did not understand the material. School education, family education as well. Therefore, parents for children's education the task of teaching content teaching children specific learning strategies, and to teach kids about the positive selection of effective learning strategies in a timely manner.  

we know that people in the study, often using a variety of strategies in English reading, but rarely what learning strategies are always in effect, few strategies are always invalid. Clearly, the value depends on their specific situations and learning strategy use, the so-called "learning method, amorphous law" is this. Training in parents of young children to learn, no matter what teaching strategies, how to teach these strategies, you can follow some basic principles.  

1. Main principles of  

main principle is the objective of learning strategy training and necessary ways and means, any learning strategy use of dependent children initiative and initiatives into full play. If the child is in a passive state, learning objectives, processes and methods are replace by others, learning from others ' evaluation, then there can be no talk about learning to learn. Therefore, in the training, and to clarify the purpose and principle of strategy instruction to their children and make them understand, at the same time, to give the child the opportunity to fully apply learning strategies and guide the process of analysis and reflection on strategies and effect, to help them carry out effective monitoring.  

2.   Principles of specific  

learning strategies must be suitable for the learning objective and the type of child. As a policy, old and young, good and poor academic results, results will be different. Write to others reading the Executive summary may be an effective way to learn, but can be quite difficult for children. First graders know some learning tasks harder than other learning tasks, third grade children usually know when they have not understood some things. Nevertheless, these young children, after all, limited capacity in these areas. Until late in children and adolescence, children have the ability to evaluate a learning problem, choosing a strategy to solve this problem, and to evaluate their success. Of course, this does not mean that learning strategies for these young children is not important, it just means that the parents for the child's level of development, to determine which strategy is most useful. Meanwhile, parents but also the learning strategy levels, must give the children a variety of strategies, has a general policy of not only, but also a very specific strategy.  

3.   Effective monitoring

teach children when, where and why strategy is very important, but often parents or teachers are blind to this point, this may be because they do not realize the importance of doing so, or it may be because they believe that children can do it myself. If a clear picture of when and where and why to use a policy that children are more likely to remember and apply it. Children should know when and how to apply their learning strategies when these strategies are operating, it can be described.

4.   Principles of generative

parents teach learning strategies are effective, their children is one of the most important principles to use learning strategies learning materials are reprocessed, generate a new thing, which requires a high degree of mental processing. If you want to make an effective learning strategies, let children do this psychological process is essential. Generate a high degree of strategy: let the child write content to other feeds, to others questions, notes column into outline, diagram relationships between points, to partner or parent taught course content and requirements. Generating low levels of strategy: indiscriminate dash, don't scratch records, not grasping superficial summary of important information, and so on, this is not good for the children's learning.

5. Principles of  

internalization refers to the principle of training their children to practice various learning strategies, and gradually turn them into their own learning abilities, and can be flexible in the new situation. Internalization is the need for children to learn new strategies and knowledge about strategies that are already in the mind together, forming a new awareness and capacity.  

6.   Personal efficacy

even though the child may know when and how to use the strategy, however, if they do not want to use these tactics, their learning will not be improved. Those children who can effectively use strategies that use policies will affect their performance. Parents or teachers must give kids the opportunity to make them feel that the effectiveness of the strategy. Learning strategy training curriculum includes motivation, the child should be aware of a part of a harvest. Parents or teachers should set up an idea: children learn certain material, to continue to question and test to your child, and give children according to the evaluation results, promote children's learning strategy and learning strategies, learning will be harvested.