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Six steps to teach children to be grateful

The first step: the habit of gratitude  

gratitude habits education permeates daily life. Let the kids immerse themselves in the environment of Thanksgiving, true feelings. Parents want from their own, do a demonstration, using every opportunity to educate children, like MOM when working for Dad, father loudly said to his mother: "thank you!" "Mother accepted the father's help, to say loudly:" thank you! " "When Dad gave presents to the children, to tell him that the gift was father to you, and you would like to thank father; this book is the older sister gave you, you want to thank my brother and sister. In this atmosphere of ' child children's acceptance of this most basic etiquette, learned to thank parents, Thanksgiving internalization personality.  

step two: using a variety of Festival  

make full use of various festivals as a carrier of gratitude education. As: Festival Shi to taught children enthusiasm accept Grandpa, and Grandma and the other relatives to he of gift, and said thanks, regardless of price how many, returned to home are requirements children properly custody, learned treasure others of affection; teacher's day, let children personally making cards to teacher, expression on teacher of better wishes; father section and mother's day, to dad mother said several sentence thanks of discourse, does not necessarily thanks dad mother to they help has more big of busy, and just expression life in the feel is happiness of bit by bit.  

step three: let the children learn to give  

occasional "weakness", and let the children do something for parents. For example, pretending to carry clothes, let the children help with one or two; pretended to be tired, parents drink children a glass of water, please ... ... Let children learn, parents and giving and helping others is a kind of "grace", rather than take for granted or owed him.  

fourth step: "care about" child's pay  

baby not kissed your MOM, not nice for parents, do not remember a small request of the parents, it's all parents must "care" thing. Don't let children think parents want nothing on him, he has no need for parents to do what.  

but this does not mean that we should talk to kids as easygoing and generous. Otherwise, the kids will think you're nothing to him, he doesn't need to do anything for you. Let the child know how to take out to pay and cannot be obtained unconditionally.  

fifth step: let the child learn to be grateful in the comparative  

taking the children to an orphanage or hospital visit with disabilities can also encourage, organize children and children from poor areas in pairs dating, kids in the contrasting experiences in the past don't know, don't care and therefore will not cherish things change a child's cold, leading to his compassion, love and blessing and gratefulness.  

the sixth step: to appreciate the child  

children very self is also another important reason: when he did a good thing by accident, and due to unsatisfactory operation is not skilled enough to do, or is so small, only parents cant "thank you". If the parents after their children have done a good thing, whether it is active or passive to do, regardless of whether he had done was satisfactory, are from the heart to thank him, praise him, then the child will be encouraged. No matter what children can do for you, let the child feel "thanks to my help, things are so well."  Sincere is the child of the parent concerned about his motivation.

develop children Thanksgiving to share, this is not just a kind of ritual, is a healthy state of mind. Parents of children in the family's love was not one-way, two-way interaction. Children not only receive from the parents ' love, love feedback and should be able to return. Only learn to share and Thanksgiving, on school and community in the future, to live and work better with the people around.