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So the children don't stick TV six tips

Many children like long "hang" in front of the TV, also fixed, television could not shut off. United States study found that children in front of the TV at least for 2 hours a day, weekends and more. Watching TV too much, not only to the eyes is extremely negative, physical, intellectual, mental, growth will also be affected.

therefore, the United States small paediatric society recommends, don't let children under two years old watching TV, as for older children, it is recommended that only high quality programs and no more than 2 hours a day.

Let the child do not stick in front of the TV, and look at the United States the Prevention Magazine teach you ACE it!

prior, good-looking TV rules

good rules can reduce the chance of dispute and shameless. For example, weekend and discuss next week to see which programs, including time and frequency.

like eating can not watch any TV, not doing homework can't see or see some going to do homework, to speak with your child in advance.

replace bad TV shows with good DVD

actually has a growing number of parents found that television does not provide useful content and willing to spend money to buy or rent high quality DVD teaching tools for children.

to hide the TV and remote control

since humans have a TV, it seemed to take over the most important corners of the living room, but now, the latest trend is to put TV into the most obscure corners, to reduce the temptation. United States "shutting down Union" will continue to advocate, to hide the remote control for your TV along with all. If you are not used to house all of a sudden no sound TV, may wish to turn on the radio, music and fun radio being the background music.

don't put TV in the kids ' rooms

modern home has more than one TV, on the grounds that different family members what they need. But if you put in the kids room TV, will only make more alienated children and other family members, will also affect their learning, and sleeping time. Worse, parents don't see the kids see the unhealthy or shouldn't Watch program.

don't turn on the TV as a babysitter

don't have time to accompany, took the child to the TV. On the other hand, can invite children to share some of the housework, such as preparing dinner, clean the House, and so on. A long time, you will find and getting closer.

parents should set a good example

If you don't want to let the children watch TV, parents first to set an example by turning off the TV and effort is needed to create more fun family activities, such as participating in all kinds of activities or games, sports and fitness.

more important is to increase the time interacting with children.