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Used humor to better solve chemistry teaching

In the teaching of chemistry, if you all kinds of interesting language used alternately, reasonable, will be even more arousing students ' interest in learning, enabling the consolidation of memory, clear thinking and deepen the impression to students, will have a multiplier effect.

(Editor's Note: scientific memory, twice)

一、chemical contrasting memories, General memory.

target similar or opposite concepts. Such as physical change and chemical change, unsaturated and saturated solution solution, by contrast, identifying similarities and differences, you can easy to remember. Such as "combination reaction varied one, decomposition reaction of a number of displacement reaction is a change, metathesis double swap". Definition of catalyst can be summarized as "change the two unchanged", "change" is change the reaction rate of other substances. "Without change" quality of catalysts and chemical properties before and after the reaction has not changed.

Second, elements, compounds, and homophonic mnemonics and memory

mass fraction of elements contained in the Earth's crust large five element order: oxygen, Silicon, aluminum, iron, and calcium. Note memory for "girl stickers".

gas of anode in electrolytic water experiment, with "father" homophonic to deepen memory, "negative hydrogen hydrogen"? D  "father" cathode gases as hydrogen, and a large volume of oxygen than positive volume.

in summing up the oxygen at the property, can be summarized as: carbon black burning white light, blue-purple flame disulfide, sparks-Valent iron, burning of paraffin combined non-Ah, dazzling white light good magnesium-Li.

carbon and carbon compounds in the chapter about transformation of limestone, quicklime, hydrated lime, borrowing the lime Yin Yu Qian, follow the verse content analysis which is a physical change? What is a chemical change? Write chemical equations is a chemical change. Poetry as "thousands of hammer and chisel out the mountains, the fire burned easily, muddy pieces is not afraid to stay clean in the room." The first sentence is a physical change, three corresponding chemical formula is: CaCO3=CaO+CO2 ↑, CaO+H2O=Ca (OH) 2,

Ca(OH)2+CO2= CaCO3↓+H2O。

in teaching, 1-18 elements, and can be added after the elements k, Ca, and 7-3-7-3 memory into four words: hydrogen and helium, lithium-beryllium boron carbon nitride; oxygen fluorine neon; sodium magnesium aluminium silicon and phosphorus sulphur chlorine; calcium potassium argon.

metal in teaching activity of the order, the 5-5-5 memory of potassium calcium sodium magnesium aluminum zinc iron | tin-lead (h) | Mercury-copper gold silver Platinum.

material dissolved law into the following formula: potassium, sodium, ammonium nitrate is soluble, insoluble silver chloride chloride and insoluble barium sulfate (calcium-silver), potassium and sodium carbonate is soluble ammonium, potassium, sodium, barium ammonium-alkali soluble.

three, chemistry calculator-format memory

according to chemical equation calculation procedure for "set is unknown, relationship, relationships, unknown, proportion, and unknown, answers results." And pointed out that the step of note points; set unknown Shi should set participate in reaction (generated) of a material of quality for x; writing chemical equation Shi, right writing chemical type, and right trim; chemical equation in the about material, and quality relationship, and has unknown vertical on align; has unknown, and column proportion, and seeking unknown in the units for quality units and units accompanying; answers writing vertical a article line. Unification of format, is a kind of beauty.

quality equal to that of the four aluminum-magnesium, iron and zinc reacts with dilute sulfuric acid full enough, hydrogen is a small number of the order of zinc, iron, magnesium, aluminium, homonym memory can be used as: "heart beauty."

four, chemistry, language, mnemonics and memory

in the memory when the valence of the element, in textbook order form formulas: a sodium potassium silver, barium Divalent calcium and magnesium and zinc, one or two bronze, two or three iron, nitrogen and phosphorus in Aluminum-silicon three and five, hydrogen fluorine positive, o negative, negative, chloride-1157, sulfur-two or four and six, separate elements of zero-Valent. The valence of the atom into the following formulas: negative hydroxide nitrate, sulfate carbonate negative, negative third remember phosphate, ammonium is a root.

in the teaching of atomic structure diagrams, into doggerel: "circles, standard charges, arcs into a fan interrupted, digital line. "

at the time of writing the chemical formula of the compound and element order: hydrogen (gold) to oxygen than the middle. Hydrogen (gold), oxygen, non-hydrogen, respectively (metal) elements, oxygen and non-metals. According to Valence method of writing chemical formulas, into formula: "left regular priced right, least common multiple number in mind. "" Left right "Elemental symbol on the left and the elemental symbol on the right.

writing chemical equations step into formula: "The reactants on the left, the right product, remember the chemical formula; the Middle dash, plus company balance equal, terms and symbols. "

(Editor's Note: multidimensional free memory, memory easily, understand better absorption)


five experimental steps, sequence memory

preparation of oxygen in the laboratory, will step into the following formulas: full bubble free water, upside down in the water, check the tightness, charging tube, uniform heating, drainage gas, evacuated tube lights. Steps for oxygen also can use "check, Pack, set, point, collection, out, out" seven words summed up homonym memory available for "tea fixed interest due".

ignite the explosion of mixed hydrogen and oxygen gas experiment. Remind students, in front of the light hydrogen, be sure to test the purity of hydrogen, on a pure test method when you are finished, is given by the following rhymes: ignite hydrogen gas caution hastily firing wounding, taking test tube collection full of gas, pipe moves down to the lights, "whistle" is the sound in alarm, "flutter" is the traffic.

when the hydrogen reduction of cupric oxide, these steps are "General hydrogen-hydrogen, lighting, lights, stop." Can be summarized as: "evening of hydrogen, alcohol lamps late. "Chemical application for: the experiment started General hydrogen, General hydrogen later lighting; changed from black to red and go lights, tube to cool and then stopping hydrogen; Tong explodes after the first point, first stop back to oxidation. Also, please compare the laboratory production of hydrogen in the experiment of reducing cupric oxide with hydrogen, alcohol lamps use what's the difference? That rhymes: "alcohol lamp, weird strange, making oxygen how diligently; hydrogen reduction of copper oxide, it is like a big Slacker. "Stimulate students ' thinking: alcohol lamp making oxygen how lazy? Alcohol lamp comes early out late, began moving back and forth an alcohol lamp tube is heated evenly, until finally the experimental removal of the alcohol lamp, indicating alcohol lamp eager Beaver. Hydrogen reduction of copper oxide alcohol lamp becomes a slacker? Alcohol lamp late, out early.

basic chemical experiment operation a total of eight individual operations, each operation can be summed up into operation or into rhymes (rhyme). ① counter balances using a decomposition of action to take, drop, clip  , pad. Rhymes are zeroed before use, saying on the left plate, weight of large to small, said the end to the original. ② about alcohol lamps use splitting action for loaded, open, point and cover. Rhyme is: 3:2 with alcohol, ignition using a match, light caps lights out, shouldn't be covered again. ③ ready decomposition of the filter action is: folding, drop, wet, stick. Rhymes: a circular filter paper folded half, quarter lower end of cone tip, into the funnel low-margin, wet snapping over. Filter operation: "one, two, three". ④ When talking about liquid volume in the cylinder readings, students often have to look up and looking down on two methods of incorrect readings, so that reading and the actual volume deviation by drawing diagrams are: when looking up reading is less than the actual value, when looking down reading greater than the experimental value, in order to remember the homonym memory read "Lamb the Tiger."

ten junior middle school chemistry grouping experiments were arranged in six test tube experiments, experiments, often find students holding the tube parts are not accurate (holding the bottom of the test tube), shake the irregular operation of the tube (shake), by talking and doing experiments so that students master the basics of test-tube experiments:, note, polar, put. Rhyme is: hold the tube close to the "mouth", gently squeeze dropper Eraser head, vertical drops of solution, avoid applicator "nozzle".

  in junior chemistry teaching practice, using clever rhymes, mnemonics, poetry, rhyme, you can increase the fun of chemistry classroom language, is beneficial to students ' learning of basic knowledge of chemistry and the consolidation is beneficial to students ' mastery of basic skills, improve students ' interest in chemistry, students in the joy of learning, learning to be happy.